Case Study

How to transform your patients’ satisfaction into a wealth of positive online reviews.


As the most established orthopedic surgical group in the Las Vegas area, Desert Orthopaedic Center, with its four locations and 20 board-certified physicians, had earned a great reputation among its tens of thousands of happy patients.

Despite this presence in the community, a quick online search yielded negative reviews and disjointed social pages that misrepresented the patient experience.


Search Engine Results

Desert Orthopaedic Center’s search engine results were displaying a few unhappy patients leaving poor reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. These poor reviews misrepresented the experience of the vast majority of patients and created a false narrative of the typical patient experience. DOC had not yet claimed all of its Google My Business listings, which was keeping the center from participating in the conversation.

While DOC appreciates all feedback to improve patient care, the center needed a way to motivate its thousands of happy patients to leave reviews, as well. Up to this point, negative reviews had dominated the search results.

The DOC team considered proposals to create private review sites to better control reviews. The team determined these sites to be expensive, complicated, and mostly ineffective. DOC needed a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution to produce an accurate representation of the typical patient experience.


The DOC team decided to partner with SocialClimb to improve the group’s reviews and social media presence. Implementation of SocialClimb’s automated service took only a few days and included HIPAA compliance and HL7-base data flow.

SocialClimb met all of DOC’s needs, including:

  • Easy to use for all staff and physicians
  • Personalized patient review invitations sent from physicians automatically
  • Detailed tracking and notification of reviews
  • Inline response tools for the major social platforms

As a bonus, a SocialClimb Report Card and score was provided for each physician


With response rates 20x higher than other systems, DOC receives 150+ Five-Star online reviews every month!


Text message reminders are core to the SocialClimb model. DOC now uses SocialClimb to automatically deliver personalized text messages from physicians inviting patients to review their experience within 24 hours of an office visit. Reviews that are potentially negative go straight to the DOC team. Patients who recommend DOC are directed to options such as Google, Facebook, Health Grades, or Yelp, where they can leave positive social reviews in seconds.


The DOC team receives a daily report of any negative reviews from patients. This enables them to quickly respond to issues and make adjustments. It also identifies what needs improvement.


The DOC marketing team uses SocialClimb’s Inline Response Tools to respond to all public reviews from within the SocialClimb system. This makes managing their high volume of review responses simple and manageable.


Each physician has his or her own Report Card in the SocialClimb system. The Report Card tracks providers’ SocialClimb scores and gives them easy access to all public and private social reviews their patients have posted. Weekly and monthly automated reports help them track their improvement and trends.


SocialClimb instantly began improving DOC’s social reviews on Google and Facebook. Within weeks, thousands of happy DOC customers were automatically invited to leave social reviews via personal text messages from the doctors they had just seen. Hundreds of five-star public reviews were received, and the practice’s social review scores soared.

Every month DOC receives 150+ five-star ratings

Improved social review scores translated quickly into improved rankings on Google and greater visibility on Facebook. DOC’s negative search engine results were transformed into positive rankings in the Google 3-pack for every keyword tracked. Additionally, all doctors now have SocialClimb Reports and Scores. These tools provide greater visibility into patients’ experiences and overall trends in patient sentiment in the practice. They also allow the team access to every review written about the practice, whether public or private.

#1 spot on Google for searches on orthopedics

“SocialClimb enabled our wonderful patients to dramatically improve our social media image,” said DOC CEO Michael Pendleton. “It also gives us the insight into our patients’ experiences that we have been seeking as we work to improve and measure real outcomes.”

Nearly all tracked keywords ranked in the Google 3-Pack

With the use of the Provider Report Card, Pendleton also feels that his doctors are on their best behavior since they know a text goes out after each visit asking for a review. As a result, the group has seen very few negative reviews, and any that have come through have been addressed privately.

“The implementation of SocialClimb has been wildly successful,” said Pendleton. “We have enjoyed our new ratings online and our accompanying success.”

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