Patient Communication for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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Send patient communications via text or email through SocialClimb’s platform.

It’s important to send patient communication in an efficient way during the current coronavirus disruption. Our platform is set up to send review and/or survey requests to patients via text or email. We also have the ability to use those same channels to send any information you need your patients to have—and you can easily specify who you want to receive it.

Do you want to reassure your entire patient base that you have taken proactive steps to address the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation or inform them of virtual visit options? 

Do you need your patients with upcoming appointments to know you have screening measures in place or give them some guidelines on how to contact you with their questions? 

Would you like to let your patients with scheduled surgeries know that you have a surgery center so they don’t have to have their surgery in the hospital? 

We can use our platform to handle all of those communications during the COVID-19 disruption, and we will set them up for you! In the text or email that goes out, you can include any links you want your patients to see, and you can include your logo. 

Plan Your Patient Communication

Who do you want to send the information to? 

We can select a group of patients according to very specific parameters. 

send patient communication during the coronavirus disruption
  • All patients
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Scheduled surgeries
  • Patients of a specific doctor
  • Cancelled appointments
  • Etc.
What information do you want to communicate?
communication for patients
  • Safety measures and protocols you have in place 
  • Options for virtual office visits
  • When to come in and when to cancel appointments
  • Surgery center options to help keep patients out of hospitals
  • Latest updates and suggestions to stay safe
Would you like to send a text or an email? 
send a text or an email
  • Communications shorter than 320 characters can go in a text. 
  • Longer communications should go in an email. 
  • A short text can direct patients to information on your web page.

It’s important to provide excellent patient communication with all the daily and even hourly changes and adjustments that need to be made regarding this disruptive situation. We know so many of you in healthcare are extremely busy dealing with a variety of patient needs; please let us help you keep your patients informed and educated in the most efficient way possible and with minimal effort to your staff. We’re here to help!

Want to maximize your patient communication efforts? Read our blog post about updating your GMB page with your latest coronavirus information. Call us at 866-338-8270 to learn more about how SocialClimb can help you grow your practice.

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