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Improvements 5/2/23

In this release, our primary focus is on efficient account monitoring, improved patient targeting, and streamlined integrations. These enhancements aim to deliver comprehensive insights, streamline processes, and empower customer-facing teams for optimal user experiences.

Predictive Patient Targeting:
Adding 107 new predictive models, including specialties like Medicare Advantage, Mental Health, OBGYN, Urology, ENT, and General Foot/Ankle, brings our total models to 315. This expansion broadens application usability for a wider customer base. Optimizing the Predictive Map for large accounts simplifies navigation, while the ability to download audience data into a PDF facilitates external sharing.

Updates have been made to improve navigation within the platform and optimize pages for faster loading times. This focus on efficiency ensures efficient performance as we plan for future feature additions. Additional enhancements have been made to facilitate the identification and resolution of connection issues related to locations.

In summary, these updates underscore our commitment to advanced patient targeting, and streamlined account management, ensuring our application remains a valuable asset for healthcare organizations.

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