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Improvements 5/23/23

In this release, we’ve incorporated Attribution Modeling into reports using call tracking, allowing customers to analyze touchpoints and marketing channels’ conversion contributions. Three attribution models—Last-Touch, First-Touch, and Linear—provide diverse perspectives for evaluating efficiency and guiding marketing budget allocation.

Last-Touch Attribution attributes conversions to the last action that took place before an appointment, emphasizing customer conversion methods. First-Touch Attribution, on the other hand, credits the first action, highlighting brand discovery. Linear Attribution evenly distributes conversions across all pre-appointment actions, aiding in quantifying the impact of marketing tactics as a whole.

Predictive Patient Analytics sees enhancements with new models for insurance types and gender modifications, refining audience targeting. A filter by category feature simplifies model selection. In surveys, improvements include PRO survey templates, enhanced PRO survey type support, and expanded message options.

Our commitment to user experience extends to account management, with added features like image editing in bulk uploads and auto-verification for Google Business Profile profiles. We’ve also added new integration options for Athena and Azalea, which expands the types of customers we can provide service to.

Security remains a priority for SocialClimb. User sessions are now limited to two hours and we’ve enhanced our endpoint protection, fortifying our application against potential vulnerabilities.

These updates collectively empower users to make informed marketing decisions, offering a comprehensive and secure platform for healthcare professionals.

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