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Improvements 9/6/23

Predictive patient targeting models allow our customers to get in front of the right people at the right time with greater accuracy. We’ve made enhancements to the way we iterate and create these models in order to help them function more effectively. These enhancements reduce the time it takes to create the models and produces better results overall.

A new integration for Dr. Chrono has been added, along with options to send review invitations more frequently. These enhancements allow a wider variety of customers to connect with our software and streamline their practices, while also increasing patient engagement in order to build their online reputation.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys empower healthcare providers with data around patient care and treatment outcomes, which they can use to enhance their marketing and provide even better treatment recommendations that help their patients meet their health goals. Support for the PROMIS-10 survey has been added, along with enhancements for the DASH, HOOS, and KOOS reports.

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