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Release Notes 6/4/2024

It’s important to SocialClimb that we make our customers aware of the improvements and innovations we are continually pursuing to bring value to you and your patients. Ask your customer success rep about any of the following.

SQLAlchemy Update

The product team this time around has been busy swapping the engine of SocialClimb (SQLAlchemy) to a newer version so that we continue to operate safely and efficiently. 

Reporting Flexibility

We’ve also created several additional custom reporting filters. This gives customers the ability to segment more reports using custom data from their integrations.  Available on these additional pages:

  • NPS Report
  • Responses
  • Survey Dashboard
  • Survey Star Pivot
  • Survey Summary

Additional Date Formats Supported

We added support in integrations for two additional date formats. We now support two variants of “MMM DD YYYY.” Some examples of date formats we now accept:

Dec 23, 1995

May 14, 2024 10:30 AM

This provides additional flexibility in the data we can consume from customer integrations.

We’ve only touched on a few updates here. Contact your representative or log in to the application to learn more.

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