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Masha Maksimava recently published a great summary of the 10 ways to best position your business for local search ranking. She says:

“Of all the factors examined, the number of a business’ Google reviews had the highest correlation with rankings. I want you to really take this in: reviews are the most important ranking signal in Google’s local search algorithm.”

(Check out her complete post here.)

She goes on to identify the key thing you should be doing to attract more Google Reviews. Here is her list and the ways SocialClimb helps you accomplish each item:

Ask customers for reviews

  • Invitations sent via Practice Management and Point of Sale integrations with SocialClimb make asking customers for reviews automatic!
  • Really simple manual sending options via mobile apps (iOS and Android) or any computer.

Make it easy to leave a review

  • It can’t be any easier – two clicks and we’ve already selected 5-stars for you!
  • It takes seconds on a mobile device!

Set up reviews landing page

  • SocialClimb delivers the landing pages and the process for each provider or location seeking a review.
  • No setup on your website, just turn on SocialClimb.

Reply to negative reviews

  • Our ‘inline response‘ feature enable responses to reviews in seconds.
  • The automated notification service informs you of lower rated reviews instantly.

SocialClimb enables every point in Ms. Maksimava’s list of key items to increase Google reviews and local search ranking. Contact our team today for a demo account and see what more Google reviews can do for you!

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