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Big data, AI technology, and predictive analytics will transform the way you acquire your patients.

Hospital systems use big data, AI technology, and CRMs to attract patients. Until now, these acquisition tools have been cost prohibitive to independent practices. 

Not anymore. 

SocialClimb integrated the same big data that hospitals use into our system to make it available to practices of any size. What’s more, our AI technology shows you the actual cost of your patient acquisition when you use our system to attract patients. 

The SocialClimb Patient Acquisition Model

Manage Your Reputation

The way patients search for doctors has changed, and your marketing needs to keep pace with current trends in order to attract the patients you want. You need a high number of good reviews—the more recent the better—in order to show up in Local Search results. Our platform integrates with most patient management systems, so we can automatically send customized review and survey requests to your patients. Read our Best Practices for Medical GMB Listings.

Managing your reputation is foundational in allowing you to take the next step in our model. But no worries, our team will do the heavy lifting here.

Measurable results: Our customers see a rating increase of 1.3 stars on average with about 10% of patients asked responding with a review. Asking for reviews gives voice to your silent but happy patients. On average, our customers see a 400% increase in their number of reviews. Phone calls and website visits from Google My Business (GMB) listings tend to increase following the same curve. 

Attract the Right Patients

With a great reputation in place, the next step is to send out Boost Ads targeted to the patients you want so you can improve your patient mix. Our system will auto-send Google ads to prospective patients for the GMB listings you choose. With the big data and AI technology we have in place, we use predictive analytics to identify the best patients to send the ads to. These targeted ads are sent to specific zip codes with high concentrations of patients your physicians are looking for. 

Measurable results: Customers using our Boost Ads feature fill their schedules with more profitable patients. Our Marketing Report shows you your Patient Acquisition Cost (PAC) from both reputation-driven appointments and Boost Ad appointments. On average, our customers see a PAC of $15 to $35 for those attracted from GMB listings (reputation) and $40 to $80 for those attracted from Boost Ads.

Keep in mind that those patients brought in from the Boost Ads are targeted for specific health concerns physicians are looking for. In addition, reputation-driven patient acquisitions generally follow a gentle growth curve after the initial high-growth period. Boost Ad-driven patient acquisition can get you higher numbers of patients and can be turned on and off as needed.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Your great reputation and our ability to attract the right patients with AI technology will put you in a position to lead the way in your digital marketing efforts. From here you can survey the landscape and fine-tune your marketing efforts to maintain your edge. Our platform will give you the flexibility to grow your practice with confidence. 

Measurable results: Our robust reporting will show you how your physicians and practices are doing with their reputation, identify problem areas that need addressing, and show you the ROI from your marketing spend. 

To learn more about our patient acquisition model, please read Medical Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Predictive Analytics: Where Does the Data Come From?

We use the same data set hospitals use to accurately predict risk for specific health concerns. Our relationship with a data aggregator gives us access to hundreds of healthcare-related data points associated with individual consumers. We use these variables to inform models that predict specific health concerns at identifiable risk levels.

For example, we have a model that identifies consumers at risk for joint pain. To do this we specify filters our AI technology uses to find individuals at elevated, high, and extreme risk. These filters include—but are not limited to—consumer behaviors and information such as the following:

  • Ability to pay (financial information)
  • Commercial insurance
  • Sports participation
  • OTC drugs use
  • Self-reported issues for joint pain
  • Web searches on purchases related to joint pain
  • Prescription medication use

The AI looks for patterns within these captured data points that lead to joint pain. The tools and algorithms are then able to predict an individual’s risk level—with surprising accuracy—based on the information and behaviors presented.

We have defined over 100 models on specific health concerns you can select to find the type of patients that are best for your practice or your individual physicians.

Predictive Analytics Interactive Map

When you’re ready to set up your Boost Ads, you can use an interactive map of your area that’s found in our dashboard. Click on the Predictive Analytics tab to customize your Geo Target, and make sure you have the Predictive bar selected. You can change the model you want to filter for, choose the risk level you want identified, and select the best zip codes to add to your geo target. 

Put Big Data and AI Technology to Work for Your Practice

Let us level the playing field and put big data to work for your medical practice. Our Boost Ads will help your physicians fill their schedules with the specialties and the patients they want to see. 

I’ll leave you with one example. Michael Pendleton of Desert Orthopaedics Center turned Boost Ads on for a new physician in one of their practices. In less than a year, this new physician was able to get 70% of his practice in joint replacement, his chosen specialty. Our marketing report allows him to see how much he has spent on the ads, how many appointments were made from the ads, and therefore, the exact patient acquisition cost.  

Please reach out to our team to learn more about how our predictive analytics will change the way you approach your marketing efforts. We can answer all your questions, show you a demo, and get you started today. 

You may also be interested in our Three-Phase COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Medical Practices as you prepare for restrictions to ease in your area. 

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