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Your patient recall process could be disrupted because of Covid-19 cancelations and postponements in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic likely caused a lot of cancellations and postponements in your 2020 schedule. If your patient recall process was disrupted, you could experience a Covid-related patient recall gap this year. We’ve got a plan to minimize your patient recall gap. And the best part is, it’s a simple two-step process. 

Here’s the nutshell version: 

Use our Patient Analytics tool to identify high-value patients and then target them with your marketing. 

I’ll explain how it all works.

Identify High-Value Patients

patient analytics

High-value patients are those patients who suffer from the specific conditions you want to treat and who have the right profile to maximize your reimbursement. If you’re working to fill a possible patient recall gap, you can do that more efficiently by filling your schedule with a mix of patients that will boost your revenue more quickly. 

Our Patient Analytics feature uses predictive analytics to sift through vast data banks of information gathered on over 250 million internet users in the U.S. across 200 data points. We have care models set up that filter the data according to specific information such as age, gender, OTC and prescription drug use, sports participation, self-reported issues for pain or injury, web searches and purchases related to health issues, financial information, and more. 

You select the care model you want, and our predictive analytics tools identify patients that fit that model. We show you zip code areas where high concentrations of those ideal, high-value patients live. You can then set up geo targets so your ads will be delivered with pinpoint accuracy 

If you haven’t tried our Patient Analytics feature yet, this would be the perfect time. Your customer success representative can get you started. If you are not a SocialClimb customer, give one of our team members a call at 512-682-9117 to learn more about how our predictive analytics can help your practice. 

Start Up Your Boost Ads

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With your ideal patients identified, you should get started with Boost Ads. Boost Ads will get your doctors or your practice in front of these high-value patients right when they are looking online for 

medical care. And since you’re specifically targeting areas with high concentrations of these patients, you know your marketing spend on these ads is being used to your best advantage. You don’t need to throw a wide net. Your ads will go directly to the patients you want to treat. 

You’ll use our Playbooks to easily set up your ads. You choose the Playbook you want, and our platform will create your ads for you with the right 

keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, and ad structure to target your ideal patients. 

Our customers who use Boost Ads can fill their schedules with exactly the patients they need, and they can track their results in the process. You’ll see from your marketing report which patients were attracted to your practice through your ads, and you’ll know your patient acquisition cost. 

Bridge the Patient Recall Gap

bridge the patient recall gapIf you think your practice could experience a Covid-19 related patient recall gap, take the steps necessary to fill that gap and keep your schedules full. You can use the same two-step technique to fill your schedules if you’re not seeing the patients you need for any reason or even if you simply want to improve your patient mix

Give our team a call at 866-338-8270 today to set up a demo or to learn more about how our Patient Analytics and Boost Ads can fill your schedules faster and with a great ROI. 

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