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Today on the menu, a question: does your FQHC struggle with effective healthcare marketing? 

While FQHCs are crucial to providing comprehensive healthcare to underserved communities, most FQHCs are financially tight at best, and therefore often reluctant to invest in marketing, especially when care-related expenses precede it on the priorities list. 

BUT: In today’s market, FQHC marketing isn’t nice to have, it’s vital to your clinic’s survival, financial stability, and the ability to serve all the patients in need. 

To help you evaluate and enhance your marketing efforts, we’ve designed a fun little FQHC marketing quiz (fun relating to the full range of human emotions, while little really being pretty much comprehensive, but quick to go through). This quiz will help you assess your current strategies and highlight the areas of improvement.

Take the quiz now to see where your FQHC stands and identify opportunities to improve your health center’s presence and attract more patients.

The self-scoring system is simple enough: give yourself points for each box you check and see how your efforts measure up. 

Without further ado, we present to you:

The FQHC Marketing Quizzz

If you’re wondering where the 2s and the 4s are, we’ve been at odds with even numbers this week. Either that or a computer told us this was the best scoring system. Just go with the flow:

Google Business Profile is a powerful tool in online reputation management and local SEO in healthcare. Here you can learn more about how to leverage GBP in FQHC marketing.

Learn why, despite not being healthcare-specific platforms, GBP and ABC take the crown when it comes to healthcare providers’ online visibility.

Online reputation is today’s word-of-mouth in healthcare marketing, and as such, it must be the cornerstone of your strategy: here’s why.

Are you torn between investing in reputation and investing in your website? This breakdown might help you make this tough decision.

SEO is a long game, but the one that you’ll win big on. Learn more about the timeline of SEO in healthcare marketing.

If you don’t already know why local SEO must be a focal point of your FQHC marketing strategy, you better find out right away! 

Harness the power of social media in healthcare marketing: here’s a guide on how to do it effectively! 

Postcard marketing may belong to traditional marketing methods, but it can still be highly effective when armored with modern marketing capabilities.

HIPAA-compliant predictive targeting in healthcare is a true (and we mean t r u e) game-changer: learn more about it!

Here’s why it’s paramount for FQHCs to engage with and be seen as the vital pillar of their communities (link to Leveraging the Support of Community in FQHC Marketing Blog post)

Bonus: Learn how you can optimize your PAC for growth and stability.

To drive high marketing ROI, you must put it at the center of your healthcare marketing strategy: here’s how.

Here’s how you can justify your FQHCs marketing costs with accurate marketing reporting. 

Nowadays, there are a myriad of modern healthcare marketing tools you can leverage for scalable growth: here are our favorites. 

OK, It’s Time for The Results of This FQHC Marketing Quiz

Brace yourself—let’s see how you did:

65-75 points: Well done, you!

Your FQHC seems to be excelling in marketing. Keep up the great work! You’re leveraging a wide range of marketing strategies and tools effectively, which is crucial for maintaining visibility and attracting new patients. We’re so proud!

45-64 points: Good job, but you can do better.

You have a solid foundation, but there are areas where you can boost your performance. Focus on enhancing the strategies where you scored lower. This will help you optimize your efforts and see even better results.

25-44 points: Well, you’re doing…something.

While you seem to have some marketing strategies in place, there’s considerable potential for growth. Prioritize key marketing activities and invest in areas that need the most attention to improve your overall performance.

0-24 points: C’mon, people, it’s 2024. 

Your marketing efforts need a major overhaul. Consider reaching out for professional marketing help to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan that will elevate your FQHC’s presence and effectiveness.

Let’s Talk About These Results…

Look, we’re not calling in your parents, but… Whichever bracket you fall into, we bet we can help you scale your FQHC marketing even further and boost your ROI. (Though if you scored less than 45 points – don’t worry – but please, please, call us today!)

SocialClimb’s comprehensive healthcare marketing platform offers a wide array of HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing tools that allow you to centralize, automate, and streamline marketing activities, track your efforts, measure your marketing KPIs, and do effective reporting – all in one place. 

Currently, SocialClimb is the only platform on the market offering HIPAA-compliant predictive targeting in healthcare: and it works wonders for all providers who made it part of their strategy. 

Ready to improve your health center’s marketing? Get in touch with us today!

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