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If you haven’t turned on your call tracker, you are missing out on knowing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

Data rules. In today’s connected environment, if you’re not already collecting data to improve your methods, you’re behind the times. You may have been told that it’s too hard to track the effectiveness of healthcare marketing campaigns, but those naysayers are wrong. We’ve made it not only possible to track everything—we’ve made it easy. 

Have you ever sat down in a room to read, but it’s too dark? The solution is to turn on the light. With a light on, you can see well enough to read without straining your eyes. 

To accurately measure growth or effectiveness, you need objective data. One of our most effective measuring sticks at SocialClimb is our ability to track calls. Turning on your call tracker is like turning on a light so you can see more clearly.

What are call trackers? 

Our HIPAA-compliant call trackers measure caller intent data down to the scheduled appointment. We do it by assigning unique phone numbers to various campaigns or locations. Then when a patient calls that number, our platform can tell you if they got the number from your GMB listing, your website, a billboard, or any other campaign you have implemented.

What will they do for me?  

With call trackers, you’ll be able to see all your phone calls and where they’re coming from. You can drill down on the report to see which of your new patient appointments are from your GMB listing, your Google ads, your website, or any other campaign you are running. That means you’ll know which campaigns are working to get you appointments with new patients so you can put your marketing spend where it does the most good. 

You’ll also be able to prove the value of your marketing plan to decision-makers. 

Give me an example. 

SocialClimb marketing report

You want to give it a try, so you set up a Google Ad for one of your newer doctors, Dr. Dune. After letting the ad run for a week or two, you want to see how the campaign is doing. You can go to your marketing report and check his Google Ad campaign. You’ll see which patients made an appointment from the ad, how much it cost you to run the ad, the cost of each call, and the cost of each appointment (the patient acquisition cost). 

In other words, you’ll have all the data you need to see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

If you’re a SocialClimb customer, and you haven’t turned on your call tracker, it’s like you’re sitting in a room by a lamp and you haven’t pulled the chain to turn on the light. You don’t need to be sitting in the dark. Pull that chain and turn on your call trackers. 

If you’re not yet a SocialClimb customer, give us a call today and set up a demo. You won’t get this level of deep data awareness anywhere else. 


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