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If you knew what your customers thought about your business at all times, it would be much easier to  manage your processes, team and service. Let SocialClimb get your customers to tell you what they think every day via dozens of public reviews each week.

Most SocialClimb customers choose to use the system to increase sales by improving their business search ranking with great reviews from real customers. In addition to dramatically improving search rankings, the reviews collected by SocialClimb are automatically attributed  directly to the employees that working with each responding customer.

Connecting reviews to employees, locations and teams gives the business insight at new layer that enables organizational change. There are 3 key features in SocialClimb that make this happen:

  1. Service Tech Report Card – Each Service Tech gets a report card that gives the management team and the Service Tech deep understanding of their customer sentiment. This is valuable to the management team in changing and improving the business at many levels. Ranking and rating the best Service Techs is made easier with this data. Reward and incentive models can be defined around this very detailed data for each team and Service Tech.
  2. Instant Notifications- The operations team gets an automatic daily digest of any poor reviews and private feedback from customers. This allows them to respond and deal with issues quickly. It also identifies any other areas what improvement can be made such as dispatch, customer service, billing, etc.
  3. Inline Response Tools – SocialClimb provides the operations/marketing teams a simple interface to respond to all public reviews from one central location. This keeps the team from going to each Google My Business account, Facebook page, etc. to respond publicly to reviews. It can all be done from within the SocialClimb platform. (learn more)

SocialClimb delivers great value at multiple levels within a service business. Marketing, Operations, and Senior Management use SocialClimb to improve and grow the business. Contact SocialClimb today to get your business growing in the right direction.

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