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Like most multi-location medical practices, the doctors and management team at Desert Orthopaedics Centers (DOC) in Las Vegas have a lot going on. Improving their search ranking, social media and online review presence was something CEO Michael Pendleton knew needed to be done but he was not sure where to start.

DOC is a growing orthopedics group with 20 board certified physicians and tens of thousands of grateful and happy patients. However, the reviews and social postings online in August 2016 about DOC could easily lead potential patients to look elsewhere for their orthopedic care.

Reviews for DOC’s 4 locations were at low volumes and seemed to be primarily coming from the few patients who had poor experiences. Postings and reviews from DOCs thousands of happy patients rarely happened.

The DOC  team decided to try SocialClimb for medical practices in hopes of improving the group’s reviews and social media presence. The implementation took just a few days as the IT team worked out the HIPAA compliant HL7 based data flow details with SocialClimb.

(The model configured for DOC’s patients has SocialClimb automatically deliver a personalized text message from the physician for feedback and public reviews within 24 hours of the office visit.) 

Within a week, DOC was averaging more than ten 5-Star reviews on Google and Facebook every day from happy patients. DOC’s review scores and rankings on their four Facebook and Google My Business pages began to rise dramatically and they now rank # 1 for most Orthopedic searches in the Las Vegas area.

Not only were happy patients enabled to publicly share their enthusiasm for the doctors, but the few patients who had a less than perfect experience were given  a private review opportunity. Feedback from all patients has proven valuable as DOC seeks to improve its service.

The SocialClimb service has enabled our wonderful patients to change our social and review presence online in just a few weeks time.” said Pendleton. “The setup process with SocialClimb was simple and the service has been great.”

SocialClimb required no changes in DOC’s operations and no additional workload for their team. The detailed reporting on each provider’s patient satisfaction and reviews in the Provider’s Report Card gives the practice full visibility into its progress at all levels. Each provider has a SocialClimb Score that allows them to track trends on patient satisfaction week to week and month to month.

Contact SocialClimb today to learn more about how your practice can become #1 rated in local search.

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