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If your reputation management is going well, it may be time to level up to pro features to achieve goals you didn’t know you could achieve. 

Reputation management empowers doctors to attract patients based on their expertise thanks to new technology that replaces the word-of-mouth system of yesterday with online search. Recent studies are clear that patients in need of a new doctor turn to reviews to find the most qualified candidate. And if doctors don’t actively manage their reputation, they will miss out on the best market share and have to work harder to attract patients. 

Reputation management for doctors is essential. It’s the new baseline. And once doctors have their reputation well in hand, they can level up and achieve results beyond their expectation. 

A Musical Analogy

Sam Bunderson plays Gershwin

My daughter took piano lessons for years from a very good piano teacher. She practiced a couple of hours a day, and by the time she was about to start 9th grade, she wanted more. She wanted to level up her skills, which were already very good, I thought. But I supported her desire to achieve more. 

We found Amanda. For the next four years, my daughter practiced a minimum of three hours a day, often more. And it paid off. Literally. In addition to the opportunities she had of performing in recitals and concerts, her hard work paid for her bachelor’s degree in piano and organ performance. 

My daughter was on her way to becoming a very good pianist if she had stayed with her first piano teacher, but with Amanda, she achieved excellence we had not dreamed of. The same can be said of our customers who have achieved very good results with reputation management. Those who have leveled up to our pro features are experiencing measurable results beyond expectations. 

Next-Level Reputation Management 

Doctors with a well managed reputation have set the stage to add our pro features to their arsenal. Our suite of next-level features will leverage your well-earned reputation to get the patients you want with little effort on the part of your staff. Our pro features include Patient Analytics, Boost (targeted ads), Call Tracker, and our Marketing Report. 

Patient Analytics

Patient Analytics feature

Our Patient Analytics feature identifies people at risk for specific medical conditions. We provide access to big data historically only available to large hospital systems with deep pockets. Our tools sift through that data on over 250 million people in the U.S. across over 200 data points using predictive analytics and machine learning. 

We can show you zip code areas with high concentrations of people at risk for specific medical conditions based on the care model you select. The analysis also includes financial data that will make sure you attract patients with coverage that best fits your situation and theirs.   

From the identified zip code areas, you’ll select your Geo Target. Sending targeted Boost Ads to a Geo Target with high concentrations of at-risk people will maximize your marketing spend. 

Read more: Attract High-Value Patients with Predictive Analytics


Boost Ad on top of  Local Search results

With your Geo Target selected, you’ll be ready to set up your Boost Ads. Our Boost feature easily configures ads for you using the keywords your ideal patients are searching for. We’ve put together Playbooks that contain the right keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, and ad structure that will match up with your best patients. Your job is to select the right Playbook and then set your budget and let the ads run. 

These targeted ads will move you to the top of search results when your ideal patients search for care online. With Google, when a patient searches for “orthopedic surgeon near me” for example, Google will display the top three Google My Business (GMB) listings that match the search criteria. Your ad will sit at the top of those listings, displaying your amazing star rating at the top of the pack. 

You’ll even be able to measure the results on every dollar you spend, making Boost Ads a no brainer. 

Learn more about our Boost Ads and how they work: Start Up Your Boost Ads

Call Tracker

Call Tracker section of Marketing Report

Our Call Tracker feature identifies inbound calls from new patients and existing patients that originate from Boost Ads and GMB listings. Calls from GMB or reputation listings come from patients attracted from your reputation management efforts, while calls from your Boost Ads are patients attracted from your targeted ads. (I know, seems obvious.)

We can track the calls thanks to our seamless integration with your practice management system and with Google. The patients can be individually tracked throughout the whole patient journey, so you know how they were attracted to your practice, the revenue they brought in, and if they come back for further treatments. 

Tracking patients brought in from your marketing efforts means we can provide you valuable information on your monthly Marketing Report. 

Marketing Report  

SocialClimb Marketing Report

Each month you will receive a Marketing Report showing the actual patient names acquired through your reputation management efforts as well as the cost to acquire them. The top of the report shows the metrics, and the bottom of the report shows patient information captured with our call tracker. 

You’ll see how many inbound calls and clicks you received from your marketing efforts. You’ll also see the number of appointments that were made, your conversion rate, how much you spent, your patient acquisition cost, and more. The cost to acquire each patient is derived from your marketing spend divided by the number of appointments made from that amount. 

With these metrics in hand, you will be empowered to fine tune your marketing spend. You can turn up or dial down your spend according to your scheduling needs and take control of your patient mix. 

Take the Step

My daughter worked long and hard to achieve the results she wanted. Our platform will work long and hard for you, putting everything in place to help you attract your best patients. We will get you more patients in less time so you can make the best use of your marketing spend while focusing all your energy on what you do best: treating patients. 

Times are hard. Take the step now to improve your patient mix and schedule the patients you need to stay in business. Call one of our team members today at 866-338-8270 or set up a demo to get started managing your reputation or to see how our pro features can move your results beyond your expectations. 

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