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Eric Johnson, SocialClimb CRO, and Ryan Evans, SocialClimb senior account executive, attended a dinner with AAOE board members Thursday, October 22. The dinner, which was sponsored by SocialClimb, was held in Atlanta, Georgia, in conjunction with two days of AAOE board meetings. 

Eric and Ryan spoke with board members about the issues orthopedic practices are facing and how SocialClimb’s platform can benefit their doctors and their practices, disrupting traditional reputation management to build and leverage doctor reputations. Well executed reputation management will put a GMB listing at the top of search results and in front of patients searching online for medical care. But that’s just the first step. 

With a good star rating and a high number of reviews, the stage is set to use predictive analytics and big data to identify patients best suited to a doctor’s needs. SocialClimb’s patient analytics feature will uncover zip code areas with high concentrations of people at risk for specific medical conditions. These individuals at risk can also be sorted according to financial and coverage differences so doctors can send ads targeted directly to their ideal patients and build the patient mix most beneficial to their practice.

SocialClimb has enjoyed a long association with AAOE and supports their mission to promote quality healthcare practice management in the orthopedic and musculoskeletal industry.

Please reach out to our team to see a demo of how we can use cutting-edge technology and reputation management to grow your practice and attract the patients you want. 

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