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If you have photos you’ve uploaded to your Google Business Profile (GBP) that are not showing up publicly, you’re not alone. For over a year, GBP users have been experiencing this problem. Google is aware of the issue, and we are told they are working on it, but it doesn’t seem to be fixed yet. 

This photo visibility problem seems to be pretty sporadic, and thankfully, not too common. But if it’s affecting your practice, we know it can be annoying at best. You go through the hassle of uploading the pictures you want displayed, you see them on your end, but then they don’t show up for the public. We wish we had a foolproof solution for you, but for now, there isn’t one. 

We do have a few tricks up our sleeve that sometimes work. Here are some things you can try. 

properly sized photoDo this first: Make sure your photos are configured correctly. They probably are, but it’s best to make sure. This link will show you Google’s proper configurations for photos.

Google’s guidelines for photos:  

  • Use JPG or PNG format.
  • Size needs to be 10 KB to 5 MB.
  • Best resolution is 720px by 720px. 
  • Resolution must be greater than 250px by 250px. 
  • Make sure it’s good quality with proper lighting. 

delete and upload your photos againTry this next: Delete your affected photos and upload them again. This works sometimes, and we have had a few medical practices we’ve helped by doing this.

If only this would work every time . . .

If that doesn’t work, try this: Contact Google Business Profile Help. Make sure to ask for a case number once you hear back from them. It speeds things up. They can sometimes push publication through for your business. 

If you’d like to dig into some forum conversations about photos not showing up correctly on your GBP listing, check out the Local Search Forum and a conversation about this issue in the Google Business Profile Help forum here and here. Please reach out to your customer service representative if you are a SocialClimb customer and need help with your GBP listings. If you’re not a SocialClimb customer, we’d still like to help! Set up a demo to see how we can help you improve your online visibility, bring in more questions, and measure the results. 

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