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We will help you configure your medical practice and physician GMB listings correctly during the disruption. 

The pandemic disrupted our health, our economy, and our way of life across the globe. No one felt it’s influence more than our healthcare teams. We thank you for the sacrifices you made and for doing what you do best—working to keep the rest of us healthy. 

In gratitude, we offered our help by doing what we do best—at no charge. 

We know our way around reputation management and automated patient acquisition. As part of that service we offer our customers, we help them manage their Google Business Profile listings. During this disruption, it is critical that the information on your GBP listing is up-to-date, accurate, and timely. You need to communicate effectively with your patients, and that means your GMB listings need to be verified and configured correctly. We will help with that. 

juggling manGoogle has made several adjustments due to the pandemic, some due to the social distancing needs of their employees, and some to specifically designed help healthcare professionals communicate with their patients. With everything else you’re juggling, you can’t be expected to be experts in GMB on top of everything else. 

That’s where we come in. 

We will help you fix these top issues with your GBP listings that could be interfering with your ability to communicate effectively with your patients: 

  • We will help you link to important information on your GBP page. Google has recently added a link for pandemic related content. For example, if you have detailed information regarding safety measures you have in place to protect your staff and your patients on your website, you should link to that. Or you may have an online document you’ve created with information your patients need to stay safe at home that could be linked to your GBP page. We will help you make that critical information more visible. 
  • We can get your telehealth options linked on your GBP listing. Google recently added a telehealth link option as well. If you offer virtual visits or other telemedicine, that should be linked on your GBP page so your patients and potential patients can get the healthcare they need. 
  • We can help you put up a GBP post. You can use this feature on your GBP listing to inform patients of your updated hours, what type of care you are still providing, safety measures you have in place, or anything else they need to know. A GBP post is limited to 1,500 characters, so you’ll need to keep the information relatively short. Longer chunks of information should be linked. 
  • We can remove the disclaimer sticker from your GBP page. You may find a disclaimer on your GBP listing stating that your hours of service may not be accurate, this needs to be removed.This is best done by updating your special hours and thus letting Google know that you have addressed the issue. 

These issues need to be addressed on each of your GBP listings, and that means every practice listing and every physician listing. We can’t help you in the trenches as you deal with the healthcare side of our situation, but we can do this for you. 

Please reach out to us at 866-338-8270 and let us know if you would like us to help with your GBP listings. In the meantime, if you want to get a jump on what you can be doing now to keep your medical practice positioned well, please read Pandemics: What Can Medical Practices Do?

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