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When we talk about helping doctors and patients connect online, it’s not just talk. It’s backed by experience, and on one experience in particular. 

Ty Allen hospital recoveryThe story behind how SocialClimb got started begins with an accident several years ago that left Ty Allen, SocialClimb CEO, unable to move. Ty sustained a C3 injury while playing basketball with some friends. As he lay on a backboard in the emergency room of a local hospital, the doctor there told him he needed to be moved to a different facility that was better equipped to help him. 

Ty was given a choice of two doctors, each at a different facility, that he had never heard of before. And he and his wife had only minutes to decide, because the ambulance that would transport him would arrive at any moment. They looked up the doctors online but didn’t find enough helpful information to feel confident about the decision they made. Luckily, the doctor they chose did a great job. 

During the course of Ty’s year-long recovery, he and his wife faced 10 to 12 similar decisions that would impact his care. Each time they faced choosing a new doctor or a new facility, they searched online to educate themselves as much as possible before they made the decision. But over and over, the key information they needed was not available to them. 

With his recovery complete, Ty felt driven to help great doctors and providers find patients in need of their care and help patients find the doctors that could solve their problems. His solution was SocialClimb.

Listen to Ty tell his story in his own words: 

If you are a healthcare professional who wants to improve your online visibility and attract patients you can help with the care you provide, please give us a call at 801-998-2830 or click the link below to set up a demo today. We’d love to connect you with patients who need you to change their lives for the better. 

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