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Ty AllenSocialClimb CEO, Ty Allen, will speak at the AOC Business and Leadership Symposium on November 7, 2020. Orthopaedic chairs, vice chairs, division chiefs, and future faculty leaders who attend the virtual symposium will hear Ty speak about the disruptive trend that social media and big data have introduced and how to literally target one patient for care by one doctor. 

Personalized marketing, or one-to-one marketing, puts data to work to identify potential patients and deliver targeted advertising on an individual level. This level of personalization has been used in retail marketing for several years and has finally made its way into healthcare marketing, giving doctors the ability to market to individual prospective patients.  

With traditional reputation marketing as a starting point, SocialClimb layers in predictive analytics and big data to help doctors identify and attract patients best suited to their needs. Potential patients are found using public data collected as individuals use the internet to make purchases and search for information. The captured data is filtered to identify those at high risk for specific conditions, and the individuals are targeted directly with an ad in their moment of decision making. This targeted marketing puts the doctor in front of a patient in need of care and provides the patient with the information they need to find the right doctor. 

SocialClimb is a proud AOC sponsor, supporting their mission to respect and improve the national academic landscape by freely providing best practice in business and leadership content to all academic faculty leaders and administrators to optimize their performance and that of the musculoskeletal enterprises they manage. AOC currently has over 950 members representing 126 universities across the nation. 

To learn more about SocialClimb’s innovative strategy or to see how personalized marketing will get you the patients you want, please set up a demo. 

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