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SocialClimb’s platform now supports 2 factor authentication to better comply with regulatory standards and mandates. 

SocialClimb two-factor identificationHow often do you use 2 factor authentication? If you’re like most of us, it’s with increasing frequency. And in today’s world where identity thieves are constantly on the prowl, it’s become a necessary safeguard. When you have enabled 2 factor authentication, you give yourself a second layer of protection. In addition to entering your password to log in, you’ll also need to provide a second credential such as a code sent to your phone. 

It may be difficult to believe these days, but many of us are still using the same security code for multiple logins. It’s tempting because we all have so many passwords to remember it can be overwhelming. And heaven forbid we write them down somewhere. So what’s a person to do? Change your passwords frequently, enable your 2 factor authentication, and please, don’t use the same password in multiple places. Especially if you work in healthcare. 

HIPAA Privacy Rule

The HIPAA Privacy Rule mandates keeping patient information secure so that no unauthorized person has access to protected health information (PHI). Beyond regulations, stringent patient privacy measures help patients feel secure in developing a trusting relationship with their provider. Patients need to be able to trust that the information they provide their doctor will not be used against them. Having that trust in place frees patients to more comfortably share critical details doctors need to provide the best care. 

We guarantee HIPAA compliance in our integration with your patient management system, delivering industry-leading results while keeping your PHI safe. Security in our integration is our top priority, and we do not engage in any activities that will put your patients’ information at risk. We are regularly audited by third parties and frequently assessed via white hat security penetration tests. You can be confident your electronic information is safe in our system.   

Turn on 2 Factor Authentication Today

Verison’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report provides an analysis of 798 recent data breach incidents with 521 confirmed data disclosures in the healthcare vertical. The report found that internal issues caused 48% of the breaches. And the top controls they prioritized were to implement a security awareness and training program, to increase boundary defenses (which includes multi-factor authentication), and to increase data protection (which includes controlling access).  

We suggest you turn on your 2 factor authentication today to keep your patient information as safe as possible. The small inconvenience of a second layer of security will help guard against the possibility of a security breach and reinforce your protection against litigation. The cost of a data breach is too great to not take every precaution to prevent the possibility. 

Please reach out to your customer success manager if you have any questions as you turn on your 2 factor authentication. 

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