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We are often asked by customers just starting to use SocialClime what are good rates for getting public social reviews from their customers. That is not an easy question to answer as every business is different and small differences can cause a big change in review rates.

However, we do know that well run service businesses with concerted efforts to get customer feedback can expect review rate above 20%. Getting good reviews and review rates is something that can be trained and learned.

Home service providers such as plumbers, HVAC service providers and water-treatment companies have great success with SocialClime. They often have a very personal interaction with their customer, the home owner. That personal relationship is the real key, SocialClime just makes it really easy once that relationship is built, to get great reviews.

If the technician provides quality service, builds a bit of a relationship with the home owner and actually asks for a review using SocialClime, they can get review response rates as high as 40%! That means that 4 out of 10 service calls really should end in a great public social review for the business.

Here are a few examples of technicians we watch that consistently get great reviews and great review rates:







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