Choosing Reputation Management Software for Medical Marketing

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Are you considering reputation management software as part of your medical marketing strategy? At SocialClimb, we understand medical marketing online. We know how reviews and reputation management create the foundation for strategic medical marketing and significant revenue growth. 

As part of our mission to bring smart, automated marketing to medical practices of all sizes, we want to share what to look for in choosing reputation management software. Reputation is really just the start. Read on to understand how to choose software that helps your practice turn reputation management into reputation marketing

How does getting reviews become a marketing strategy?

In today’s online search world, getting reviews is essential. When people search for medical care online, Google’s search engines look for reviews in deciding what practices to list in Local Search results. A strong collection of regular reviews moves a physician to the top of the list, but not having reviews means a physician may not even show up for potential patient views.

This increased visibility–plus the quality reputation shown through the reviews–encourages potential patients to choose a physician right at the consumer’s decision-making moment.

Medical practices need simple marketing solutions and strategic results 

Like other businesses, today’s medical practices understand that the internet drives customer choice, but they aren’t always sure how to harness the internet’s power for growth. They know they should “get reviews” and they hear about “reputation management,” but it gets overwhelming fast because most medical professionals are not marketing or technology professionals. 

SocialClimb user deals with upset patients online

Medical practices also face unique and time-consuming challenges, and some of these challenges seem in conflict as employees try to focus on “what’s most important” each day. 

For medical professionals, focusing on people also requires focusing on money, because they have to stay in business to provide patient care. It’s not enough to just bring in patients; for adequate revenue and growth, practices have to bring in a certain percentage of highly profitable patients. 

With providers at multiple locations, constant customer interaction, data entry, and huge insurance and government requirements–all while keeping patient care their highest priority–physicians and medical staff need ways to simplify it all. 

Today’s software uses artificial intelligence to simplify everything, including marketing

Independent medical practices and automated marketing software

The good news is that by using medical marketing software, practices can achieve tremendous practice growth while maintaining their primary focus on patient care. 

A quality medical marketing system always has patient care at its core. It integrates with practice management systems to maintain patient privacy while automating the process of getting regular, high-quality reviews and patient feedback from a statistically sound sample of patients. 

Meanwhile, intelligent medical marketing software goes further. It works in the background, applying cutting-edge data analysis to find growth opportunities for the practice. Intelligent systems then offer these growth opportunities to real people through user-friendly prompts. 

Intelligent systems also provide ongoing evaluations of these growth opportunities.  They track consumer actions and change recommendations based on real-time practice data merged with demographic and medical case data. A good system generates reports to help practice managers see for themselves how their choices and spending affect real patient actions and meet practice revenue goals. 

Basic, better, best

SocialClimb's benchmarking tools make it simple to know how your practice stacks up against

At the most basic level, reputation management software uses automated processes to gather reviews and star ratings, to help a practice or physician build an online reputation.

Better reputation software helps users to create and optimize internet listing pages like Google My Business pages. A quality software system doesn’t just get reviews; it streamlines what practices do with those reviews. For example, helpful software would simplify service recovery and report on statistics and trends. 

Advanced medical marketing software remains low-cost and easy to use, while integrating data analysis and automated advertising to help practices target their more profitable patients through online search technology. This level of software yields dramatic results tailored to individual practice goals.

Checklists for evaluating reputation management and medical marketing software

For doctors and practice managers evaluating medical marketing software, it helps to think of two general levels of automated medical marketing. 

Level 1: Reputation building and reputation management to reach today’s online consumer at key decision-making moments.

Level 2: Strategic growth opportunities through data analysis and targeted ads to attract the most profitable patients and meet customized practice goals. Level 2 is not more complicated to use. It just yields more powerful and individualized results, and it requires adopting Level 1 first. 

Level 1: Reputation management software to reach consumers online

Effective reputation management software will helps physicians and practices to find and convert potential clients as they search for medical care online.  Look for software that really helps practices do these foundational tasks: 

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Busy people search online using smart phones

professional medical staff

Level 2: Intelligent medical marketing software for strategic growth and automated patient acquisition

Intelligent marketing software should be easy to use. It should not require special technical or marketing skills. Doctors and practice managers should look for software that meets professional standards to protect patient privacy. They should choose a company they trust will stay up on current technology and integrate that into the software, simplifying the marketing process overall.  

Look specifically for systems that do these important tasks:  

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Trust yourself to choose, then trust the software to build your reputation and grow your practice

By simply adopting effective medical marketing software, practices turn reputation management into reputation marketing. Practice managers will soon see their online reputation increase and their surgeons rank high in Local Search results, all as they simplify their office workflow. Advanced software systems apply data analytics and place smart reputation ads for automated patient acquisition.

SocialClimb’s mission is to bring smart, automated marketing to medical practices of all sizes. We start with reputation management in an easy-to-use system that gets big results. Behind the scenes, our cutting-edge technology goes further, evaluating and offering automated growth opportunities that allow practices to attract highly profitable patients and grow at the rate they want. 

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