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SocialClimb’s Business Insights Calculator provides marketing metrics that capture the ROI of your marketing spend.

SocialClimb clients have a secret weapon when it comes to understanding their marketing spend. We call it Insights, and it provides marketing metrics that illustrate the effectiveness of marketing efforts. 

Calculating the success of marketing campaigns can be tricky, but our Business Insights Calculator will show you how your improved reputation and visibility in Google Local Search translate into dollars. Our system tracks the measurable actions of medical consumers, analyses all the collected data, and provides marketing reports you can use to inform and drive your growth initiatives.

Google Business Profile Insights

When medical consumers search for service providers, they interact with your Google Business Profile (GBP) page with real and measurable actions. As an API access partner, our system integrates fully with Google Business Profile Insights to provide some valuable marketing metrics for your medical practice. You can see how many views your GBP listing has, how many calls were made from the listing, the number of website visits that were initiated from your GBP page, and how many visitors asked for directions to your business. Our platform tracks these actions as the starting point of the patient journey.

GMB measurable actions provide marketing metrics that inform ROI.
GBP measurable actions provide marketing metrics that inform ROI.

With some basic information from your practice on average revenue per patient, our calculator will convert the GBP actions into reliable, dollar-based estimates of future revenue. 

These measurable actions will increase commensurate to the improvement you see in your reputation and visibility. As they do, you will be able to enhance your business plan based on realistic growth estimates from these valuable marketing metrics.

Capture ROI with Call Tracker

As your patients progress in their medical care, you have the option of using our Call Tracker feature to track them through all their interactions with your practice to see the real value they bring to your business. 

When a patient’s first contact with your practice comes from a phone call from your GBP listing, they have come to you through your marketing efforts. If you’ve turned it on, our Call Tracker will track that patient from start to finish so you can see the actual revenue they bring in and calculate your ROI accordingly. 

Marketing Report Card

You won’t need to aggregate and summarize the data on your own. We will give you the reports you need to take to your board and demonstrate the direct benefit of your marketing efforts to your business. You can see summaries of your overall business performance data, location based summaries, or you can go more granular down to individual physician results. 

The marketing metrics we provide through our customizable marketing report card will give you the tools you need to see the impact to your practice of working with SocialClimb. The data from these marketing reports will drive your practice growth decisions so you can build your business with absolute confidence.   

Read Best Practices for Medical GBP Listings to learn more about optimizing your GBP page or call us at 866-338-8270 to learn more.

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