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Regularly adding Google posts to your Google My Business (GMB) listing will make it easier for your community to see important information, make your GMB listing more visible to Google, and keep you relevant as Google and GMB listings increase in importance. 

Would you know a Google post if you saw one? 

It’s a funny question, but with how Google has transformed over the last few years, it’s a valid one. A Google post is an optional element on your GMB listing. It shows up as a thumbnail preview box on your listing when someone conducts a local search. 

If you’ve created a post. 

In the example on the left, the Google post (boxed in red) appears after the web results section on a GMB listing. To see the post, the searcher will need to scroll past the reviews. The desktop version of the same GMB listing shows Google posts at the bottom of the GMB listing. In either setting, the user may need to scroll to see your post. 

Google post examples

The searcher can click “More” to see the full post—shown on the right. The “Learn more” is a button linked to a website with more information. 

Not everyone has clued into this feature yet, but this little sleeper is worth your time. Read on! 

Why Bother with Google Posts? 

Your GMB listing is basically free advertising for you on a pseudo website that you don’t have to pay to maintain. Google does it for you. And as long as you own your GMB listing, you can control the content displayed. 

Many consumers don’t know the difference between a website and a GMB listing. They simply conduct their search and use the information at hand. What that means for you is that your GMB listing has become a de facto website. In fact, Google’s goal is to control the information flow so that consumers stay on their pages. 

That model is a win-win for them and you as long as you play the game right. If you can get Google to bring up your GMB listing as one of their top 3 listings, you’re golden. And creating Google posts will help you do that. 

Let’s explore the purpose of Google posts. 

Share Information with the Community

Medical practices and physicians can use Google posts to share information with their communities. Here’s a short list of ideas for posts you can create: 

Any marketing information you would put on your own website would be appropriate to put in a Google post. It will need to be trimmed down to 1,500 characters or less to fit the specs, but other than that, the same content should be put on both your website and your GMB listing to increase your reach. 

Read our blog post on smart Google post ideas to prime your pump. 

Improve Your Online Visibility 

Around 92% of online searches are performed using Google’s search engine. Google has done a really good job of dominating the market, and you can use that to your advantage to dominate your space using Google’s model. 

When a medical consumer types in a query, Google Local Search pulls up a Local 3-Pack that displays the top three GMB listings that match the search criteria. The trick is to be one of those top listings. 

You can do that by owning and optimizing your GMB listing and by making sure you have a good number of reviews. The cliff notes version of Google My Business optimization means making sure your listing has the proper location, phone number, hours, website link, and information. It also involves filling in your Q&A section and—you had to see this coming—adding Google posts. Read Best Practices for Medical GMB Listings to learn more, because there is a LOT more to it. 

That’s not the only way to improve your visibility, though. Google crawls the internet looking for words and phrases that best match what a user has typed into the search box. The more keywords and phrases on your GMB listing, the better chance it has of being seen and chosen by Google for inclusion in the Local 3-Pack. Google posts give you the opportunity to fill your listing with search terms your patients would use to find the care they need. 

Google post keywords

If you are a physician who wants to see more knee replacement surgeries, load the relevant search terms in a Google post. For example, you can talk about arthroplasty, knee pain, knee replacement surgery, orthopedic specialist, knee doctor, osteoarthritis, etc.

Getting those words in the content on your GMB listing (i.e. free advertising space) will help Google match you more closely with patients who need your help. 

Remain Relevant as Google and GMB Listings Increase in Importance

With Google claiming the lion’s share of search traffic, as well as creating an environment where consumers have no need to click through, it’s essential to learn to use their system to your advantage. The way medical consumers search for healthcare has changed fundamentally from what it looked like 20 or even 10 years ago. It seems that Google is adapting well enough to stay on top of the game. 

For now at least. 

They’ve built a world that anticipates consumer needs and delivers results on a silver platter. It works for consumers because they can easily find answers they are looking for. It works for businesses because it helps them get seen by people who are not even in their periphery. Google has found a way to successfully bridge the gap between need and fulfillment. 

Until that changes, Google’s influence and power will continue to grow. And for those who know how to use their GMB listings to their advantage, they will ride that wave as well. Consumers used to the ease of info gathering will expect to find what they are looking for all in one place. One of the best ways for medical practices to meet that expectation and get their information in front of consumers is through Google posts. 

If you haven’t already, it would serve you well to schedule regular posts. Google posts are on the rise, and they will put some kick into your marketing plan. After all, why pass up on the free advertising? 

How Difficult Is It to Publish a Google Post? 

You can create a Google post in a couple of ways. First, you could go to Google My Business or your GMB app and add your post from there. Google’s instructions can be found here

Or, if you’re a SocialClimb customer, you can use our dashboard. Our platform has full API integration with Google Insights, so everything can be managed from a single location. The image below is the interface. We can walk through how it’s done.


  1. Create a name for your post. 
  2. Add a picture.
  3. Enter what you want the full post to say. 
  4. Add a button if you want one. 
  5. Submit the post. 
SocialClimb Google post creater


This is where our platform provides two big benefits over publishing Google posts directly with Google. 

BENEFIT ONE: Schedule your post on multiple GMB listings at the same time. When you schedule your post you can select which GMB listings it will show up on. You can select a single listing, all your listings, or anything in between. 

BENEFIT TWO: Set an end time for your post to quit running. Google posts last for seven days. So if you want to have something show up for a month, and you’re working directly in your listing, you’ll need to repost every seven days. Our platform lets you set an end date for whenever you want.The post still expires in seven days, but it will automatically repost until the end date you’ve selected. 

SocialClimb  Google post scheduler


This is the final version of the full post that will appear in your GMB listings.

Google post example

Post Specs

These specs are valid whether you’re posting through Google or through our platform.* 

*Those who have GMB listings marked as chains cannot do posts unless they are COVID related. If you try to create a post and it doesn’t work, you may be marked as a chain. Google has not, as yet, created a way to work around this issue. Luckily, it does not happen very often.

If you have any questions about setting up a Google post on your GMB listings, please reach out to your customer service manager. If you’d like to get started with SocialClimb, give us a call at 866-338-8270.

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