Use These Smart Google Post Ideas to Attract New Medical Patients

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Creating a regular Google Post schedule is an important part of any medical practice marketing strategy.  Follow our helpful guidelines to create winning posts to promote your practice and attract new patients. Choose from our list of clever Google Post ideas. SocialClimb’s automated practice marketing system makes it easy to manage posts across all your physician listing pages.

We recently wrote about why medical practices should include regular Google Posts in their automated marketing strategy.  Industry experts explain that the Google search engine continues to prefer businesses that create and optimize a Google My Business page. In fact, they see the GMB pages and features becoming more important every year to Local Search results.

Google’s newer GMB features, like Google Posts, now allow searchers to interact with businesses through their online listings, right in the search results. The Google machine tracks and values this real online interaction, because it suggests that real people want this business and what it has to offer.  And this leads to better search rankings.

Read below for our “best practice” guidelines to create simple Google Posts that will engage searchers. Then get started by using some of our favorite post ideas for medical practices.

Remember these simple guidelines to create awesome Google Posts:

When you create Google Posts, follow these rules of thumb to get the attention of potential patients and to thereby get the attention of the Google search engine:

Start with these clever Google Post ideas for medical practices

These are some of our favorite ideas for medical practice posts. Use these ideas directly, or use them as springboards for other great post ideas.

Use automated tools to duplicate your posts on multiple listing pages

Medical practices creating Google Posts face a unique challenge different from standard businesses like retail or restaurants. That is because medical practices need to have a separate page for every physician at each of their different office locations.

Creating a post is simple.  But without the right tools, it can take a lot of time to cut and paste your posts onto every doctor’s GMB listing page. SocialClimb’s smart, automated practice marketing system makes it easy.  SocialClimb will help you claim and optimize all your Google My Business listings, and will make it easy for you to quickly duplicate posts and other content across chosen groups of doctors in your practice.

Armed with our advice and ideas, you can quickly create engaging posts to draw in new medical clients, boost your search results, and grow your practice volume.

Read here to read our recent article on why Google Posts are an important part of automated practice marketing.  Click here to learn more about how SocialClimb helps you optimize your listing pages, including using Google Posts. You can also learn how SocialClimb helps you attract the patients you want and automates online medical marketing.

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