High scores at AAOE for helping surgeons win Google searches

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High scores at AAOE for helping surgeons win Google searches

CEO Ty Allen’s recent AAOE event presentation, “Top-Rated Ortho Practices Grow Revenue by Leveraging Physician Reputations. You Can Too!” given to orthopedic executives, received an audience score of 3.83 out of a possible 4.0 for knowledge gained, and a 9.83 out of 10 session recommendation score. We are pleased with the result of the presentation and flattered by the recognition that came from peers and industry experts.

The success of our presentation was due in large part by clearly demonstrating how orthopedic practices and their surgeons can win Google search by using the SocialClimb automated marketing tools. 

Partnering on the presentation was Alex Sroka, CMO of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago, Illinois. We are thankful to Alex for his contribution.

Below is a brief explanation of important patient behaviors on Google and how SocialClimb can help surgeons win Google searches, increase practice revenue, and find the patients practices want in their area.

Patient behaviors on Google 

SocialClimb helps your surgeons maintain relevance on Google by:

SocialClimb leverages surgeon brand via Reputation Ads

SocialClimb helps you easily understand Google Ads ROI

The information above is just a sample of why SocialClimb and our automated marketing tools achieved nearly perfect scores at AAOE. 

Contact us today to learn how easy it can be to build the reputation of your surgeon’s and grow your practice.  

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