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Improvements 10/17/23

We’ve incorporated the ability to display data from external sources within our application, enabling our customers to gain a more comprehensive view of their marketing activities. This empowers them to assess the performance of their marketing efforts more effectively, helping further inform their decisions on resource allocation and marketing strategy.

We’ve also enhanced integrations, message configuration, predictive analytics, reporting, and account management to ensure our application seamlessly integrates with customer data, manages messaging efficiently, and delivers valuable insights to improve patient engagement and service quality.

Additionally, reporting has been added to support the following Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys:


Maintaining a secure application is very important to us. Some of the security improvements from this release include further refinement and enforcement of user role permissions and allowing for multiple secure credential submissions. These enhancements make it even easier for our customers to share the information we need to integrate securely. They also bolster data protection, ensuring the security of sensitive information for our customers.

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