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Improvements 11/14/23

To help our customers better understand how their marketing performs, we’ve added the ability to show data from external sources in our application. This will improve our customers’ ability to get a more complete picture of the impact of all their marketing activities.

Surveys provide customers with important insights into their patients’ treatment experiences. They can leverage these insights to refine both the care they provide and messaging for their marketing campaigns. The SocialClimb survey tool now supports the following Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys:

  • FADI (Foot and Ankle Disability Index)
  • NPAD (Neck Pain and Disability Scale)

One of the main purposes of our application is to help our customers get in front of potential patients and Predictive Patient Analytics is the primary way we empower them to do that. We’ve adjusted the way our models are created to ensure more precise predictions nationwide.

Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are one of the most effective ways a customer can ensure their providers and brand show up in front of potential patients as they perform online searches. Much of our application is built around helping customers improve visibility for those listings and with this release, we’ve made some improvements to provide more functionality to manage these listings inside of our application.

Reliable integrations with PM/EHR software are crucial for our customers to understand the impact of their marketing efforts. We continue to refine and add new integration options so that we can continue to integrate with customer data as seamlessly as possible and in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

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