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Improvements 12/5/23

In our latest release, we’ve significantly enhanced our marketing analytics capabilities to empower customers with comprehensive insights. By expanding data integration sources, we offer a more thorough understanding of campaign performance. Notably, we’ve introduced the option to link external Facebook Ad accounts, allowing for detailed reporting on key metrics such as clicks and links, which provides a powerful tool for assessing the effectiveness of Facebook Ads.

Moreover, we’ve integrated Predictive Touches into the Marketing Report, showcasing the impact they have on appointments. Even when users don’t directly engage with marketing materials, our system attributes subsequent appointments to those interactions, reinforcing the value of Predictive Analytics and aiding in strategic decision-making.

Additionally, online conversion reporting now applies more accurate estimated revenue to all conversion types, aligning with our commitment to providing reliable and transparent analytics.

In the realm of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys, we’ve expanded functionality with FADI PRO Reporting and introduced improvements to the PRO Improvement Report. These enhancements offer healthcare providers more nuanced insights, facilitating better patient care and outcomes.

Our commitment to security is evident in the implementation of strengthened password policies and constant updates to the list of known breached passwords. For example, when a user attempts to use a password that’s overly common or has been found in previous breaches across the internet, we won’t allow that password to be used.

These updates, coupled with quality of life improvements like the ability to use our HIPAA-compliant review response library to set up auto-replies to reviews, underscore our mission to provide healthcare professionals with robust tools, ensuring effective marketing, patient engagement, and data security in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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