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Release Notes 1/9/24

Recent updates to the SocialClimb application focus on enhancing marketing performance understanding, data integration, predictive modeling, and overall usability. We have made the following improvements to provide our customers with a direct understanding of their marketing effectiveness.

An Appointment Report is now available on the application that tracks appointments and shows how they can be attributed to marketing activities. New data has also been added to show how many marketing touches on average lead to each appointment. In the Campaign Details report, our customers now have increased visibility into the attribution models to show which marketing channels generate engagement. External ad campaign costs can now be viewed in the Marketing Report, allowing for streamlined cost analysis. These updates all work together to enable customers to easily build customized reports with comprehensive data. 

The ability to target potential patients who are more likely to need the services provided by our customers is one of the main ways that our application provides support. With this release, predictive patient modeling and audience targeting have been enhanced within the application, along with the flow for creating postcards. These updates should offer clearer insights into campaign effectiveness and audience management. 

For patient feedback management, we have added the ability to generate PDF and CSV reports for PRO Surveys on the PRO Report page, the PRO Improvement Report, and the Individual Patient Detail page. These are available for all PRO except IKDC (International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Form). For now, we have only added the ability to see details of the IKDC responses on the individual patient results page. 

These updates underscore our commitment to empowering users with actionable insights, streamlined workflows, and enhanced usability, ultimately driving better outcomes for their practices.

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