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Release Notes 1/30/24

SocialClimb’s latest release represents a significant step forward in empowering our customers to better optimize their marketing efforts. Reporting structures are now unified in a way that allows for high-level analysis of marketing performance, along with options to view comprehensive details.

Key features include enhancements to appointment reporting, allowing for more accurate attribution of appointments to specific marketing touches. This ties cost and conversions directly to the appointment in a way that guides better decision-making. Customers now also have greater control over attribution models, enabling them to tailor data analysis to their specific needs. 

An Appointment Details page has been added to the application to allow for deeper analysis of appointment-related data, providing insights into marketing touchpoints and subsequent actions.

In addition to improvements in appointment reporting, our predictive audience targeting capabilities have been enhanced with more patient predictions generalized across the country for most targeting models. This ensures that our application offers precise targeting of potential patients.

With our commitment to enhancing the survey experience, updates have been made to the PRO reporting and survey management capabilities. One of these changes allows customers to track separate but similar PRO surveys independently of each other. This promotes more accurate analysis for informed marketing strategies.

Our latest release represents a comprehensive effort to deliver enhanced functionality, usability, and value to our customers, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for our customers.

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