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Release Notes 2/21/24

The SocialClimb application continues to evolve to better serve our customers, offering enhanced insights into marketing performance and improved management capabilities. In this release, we’ve focused on providing a more comprehensive view of campaign performance.

Reporting capabilities have been expanded in the application, introducing additional insights into ad campaign performance. The Campaign Report, originally limited to data collected from our Boost feature, now offers a holistic view of campaign effectiveness by also collecting metrics from linked Facebook and Google ad accounts. This empowers customers to optimize marketing strategies based on comprehensive data from the Campaign Report and Marketing Report. 

This release also introduced the Business Listings Insights Report, enabling users to compare performance across all their listings and understand their impact on driving appointments. This report provides insights into metrics like website and call interactions, assists, and conversion rates. By leveraging this data, users can enhance their visibility on search engines, driving engagement with potential patients.

Predictive audience targeting capabilities have been refined, with improvements to the process of sharing predictive audiences with our customers’ Facebook accounts. We have also added new predictive models to the application, making it easier for customers to find potential patients and create customized marketing campaigns.

Overall, this release is another step in our mission to empower healthcare professionals in their marketing efforts. By offering comprehensive insights, simplified targeting capabilities, and improved usability, our customers are better equipped to achieve their marketing goals and build their practices.

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