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Release Notes 3/12/24

In this release, we’ve adjusted the application’s navigation to focus on the value of our customers’ marketing efforts. A new section titled Marketing Insights has been added to the navigation, which contains the Marketing Report, the Appointments Report, and the Conversions Report, along with Ad Campaign Insights and Business Profile Insights. These adjustments offer a comprehensive view of marketing performance.

In line with our commitment to empowering informed marketing decisions, customers now have the ability to represent management costs for ad campaigns. This accounts for fees that a customer pays to an agency. By adding the option to track these fees within our application, customers gain a complete view of how their spending affects their marketing efforts.

The process of managing insurance networks within profiles is now simplified. The UI/UX for configuring business groups has also been updated to improve usability. This section will continue to be enhanced during future releases, especially as we prepare to expand SocialClimb’s capabilities with Apple Business Connect.

As we continue to expand our patient-reported outcomes (PRO) offering, we have made reports simpler to build and maintain. The Survey Summary page now also loads faster, allowing for quick insights and application of valuable patient data.

This release was centered around amplifying customer success through actionable insights, streamlined operations, and technical enhancements. We will continue to innovate and refine our application in order to empower healthcare professionals with marketing intelligence and operational efficiency.

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