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Release Notes 4/2/2024

Our latest release focuses on providing even more comprehensive insights into marketing campaign performance and empowering customers with actionable data. We’ve introduced additional reporting features, including direct links to the Conversions and Appointments Reports from various sections. This update impacted the Business Listing Insights Report, and customers now have the ability to change the attribution modeling as a result. This provides the opportunity to better understand how business listings are driving leads.

Reporting capabilities have also been enhanced to include all campaign conversions from both online sources and calls, ensuring customers have a complete view of campaign performance. This also creates the capability to see the patient name and ID for conversions from online submissions. Providing a detailed view of conversions allows SocialClimb customers to build an informed marketing strategy.

With this release, our application now supports Relatient’s online self-scheduling. This broadens integration capabilities and provides customers with additional avenues to capture conversion data. 

To support customers in getting the most out of their Predictive Patient Targeting subscriptions, we have included impressions for display advertising in addition to the credits used for postcards. This change encourages multi-channel advertising strategies and simplifies audience management. Another update to our Predictive Patient Targeting service includes the addition of the Primary Care category. This organizes common issues treated by primary care providers and makes it easier for customers to target potential patients.

Adjustments have been made to our postcard services, now providing a 3-hour window for cancellation after a postcard is scheduled. Postcard cancellation status is now also shown in the application, ensuring customers know the current state of their postcard campaigns. 

Overall, this release is meant to empower customers with actionable insights, streamlined processes, and enhanced integrations with our application.

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