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Release Notes 4/23/2024

To offer enhanced insight into our customers’ marketing performance, we have added reporting features during this release. We also continue to improve the tracking capabilities for our application. 

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Prior to this release, separate tracking numbers were needed to assign call tracking numbers to external ad campaigns. This process has been simplified and customers now have the ability to tie call tracking numbers and external ad campaigns together. This improves marketing campaign tracking reports, with an easy view into conversions and appointments. Learn more about our call tracking capabilities here.

Predictive Audience Targeting

We have also improved how customers can get the most out of our Predictive Audience Targeting tool. All data, including impressions, is now synced from campaigns that are attached to a predictive audience. This information is shown on the Manage Audiences page and the Subscription Management page. As shown on the Subscription Management page, customers have the ability to exceed the predictive impressions that their subscription allows. Should this happen, they will simply be charged an overage fee. Read more about our predictive patient targeting tool here.

Listing Management

Under the Google Business Profiles management service, updates have been made to the attributes selections. Customers should now experience a selection process similar to what they would see on Google directly. We also identified and resolved some user experience issues, creating a seamless profile management experience. For more details on our Google Business Profile services, click here.

Performance Improvements 

Because our application is centered around our customers’ data, we found opportunities to improve how we handle data from an integration. As always, we continue to improve the interface, performance and reliability of our platform with each release. Learn more directly from our team by scheduling a call here.

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