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You have two options when it comes to managing your reputation online. You can do it the hard way, or you can use SocialClimb. Our HIPAA-compliant integration with your practice management system and with Google makes it possible to automate your patient acquisition.

Online Reviews Attract New Patients

HIPAA compliant integrationDoctors need to have a great online reputation in today’s digital world. When medical consumers are looking for a new doctor, 71% of them begin their search by looking at online reviews. You could be a great doctor, but if your online reputation doesn’t reflect that, patients searching for care will keep scrolling. Worse yet, you may be one of the many doctors who don’t even show up in an online search. 

Relying on word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations may have worked well in the past, but those days are gone. Even if a satisfied patient or another doctor sends patients your way, chances are, they’ll take the time to see what your other patients are saying about you and your office through online reviews before they pick up the phone to make an appointment.

I could talk forever about the importance of sprucing up your online presence, but I think I’ve made my point. If you want a bigger picture of the importance of online reviews, go here.  

HIPAA-Compliant Integration Automates the Process

SocialClimb’s platform integrates seamlessly with most patient management systems. The integration is completely HIPAA compliant, delivering industry-leading results while keeping your PHI safe. 

reviews increase with SocialClimb

Secure access to your patient data allows our platform to automatically send out personalized review requests to your patients within 24 hours of care. We have found that when asked in this way, patients respond with feedback about 10% of the time. In addition, our customers’ overall Google star ratings increase by 1.2 stars on average, and they experience a dramatic increase in the number of phone calls and website clicks they receive. 

Once everything is connected and running smoothly, you’ll be able to watch your reviews come in, your reputation improve, and your schedule fill with very little effort from your staff. 

Our platform integrates with the Google My Business (GMB) API and Google Ads API as well. GMB API integration means you can use our platform to interact with your GMB listing and make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date. Integration with Google Ads API allows you to interact directly with the Google Ads server from our platform. 

With our HIPAA-compliant integration in place, your SocialClimb dashboard truly is a one-stop solution to managing your reputation online. 

The Many Benefits of Deep Integration

Our capability to integrate with your practice management system AND Google enables you to take charge of your online reputation and engage in one-to-one marketing activities through the use of your practice data in HIPAA-compliant ways. 

  • Auto send review requests to your patients. Your patients will receive aautomated reviews personalized request to leave a review within 24 hours of their appointment. You can provide options so they can choose which platform they want to leave a review on and even offer them the ability to leave a private review. Some patients appreciate the option of leaving a private review if they have a concern about the care they received, giving you the opportunity to turn a bad experience into a positive outcome before it impacts your online reputation with a negative public review. 
  • Auto send survey requests to your patients. You can choose to send fully customizable surveys to your patients as well. Our customers experience a 30% to 50% response rate when they request surveys. Our full-featured survey system meets HCAHPS, CAHPS®, and other industry standards. 
  • Optimize your GMB listings. Our Google API integration allows you to update and optimize your GMB listings from our dashboard so you don’t have to visit multiple listings independently. You can make sure your Services list is complete, add photos, update hours, include COVID messaging, respond to questions, and even create Google Posts all from your SocialClimb dashboard. 
  • Enable SSO and role based access to our system. You can grant role-based access and configure the dashboard appropriately for team members throughout your practice and at various locations. We also support Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations for those practices that use it. Our HIPAA-compliant integration capabilities lay the groundwork for taking all the busywork out of your hands and simplifying your life.  
  • See your reviews across multiple platforms. From your dashboard, you will be able to access your reviews whether they are on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs or other sites. 
  • Respond to reviews from a single location. It’s important to respond to your reviews. It’s especially important to respond quickly to any negative reviews you receive to resolve your patient’s issues before they escalate. You can easily respond from your dashboard, and we’ve even provided a reply library with HIPAA-compliant responses you can use. 
  • Set up notifications for negative reviews so you can respond quickly. You can send notifications to the person responsible for responding to reviews so they can address the concerns immediately. Read more about how to respond to negative patient reviews
  • Track website clicks from your GMB listings. You can see exactly how many people click through to your website from your GMB listing. 
  • Find people at high risk for specific medical conditions in your area. You can access our Patient Analytics feature to identify zip code areas with a high concentration of people at risk for medical conditions according to a health model you choose. Identifying and attracting these ideal patients will improve your patient mix, set the stage for one-to-one marketing, and boost your revenue. 
  • Set up Boost Ads. With high-risk populations identified, you can use our “Playbooks” feature to set up targeted ads that will get seen by patients in need of the care you provide right in their decision making moments. These ads publicize your positive reputation where it will do the most good, so you can bring in those patients that best fit your practice model. Thanks to our HIPAA-compliant integration, you can literally target one patient by one doctor, and you can do it all from your SocialClimb dashboard. (You don’t need to be a Google Ads expert because we already are. Our Google Partner badge, found if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, is awarded to companies with proven skills and expertise with Google Ads.) Read more about Boost Ads.  
  • Track calls from your GMB listings and Boost Ads. Our Call Tracker identifies new patients using their phone number as a unique identifier. Because our platform integrates with Google, we can tell if calls are coming from your reputation or Boost Ads. And since we also integrate with your patient management system, we can tell if a phone number has been used to call your practice in the past. Identifying which patients are attracted by specific marketing efforts is key to ROI marketing.
  • Receive valuable reports to help you track your progress. We provide reports that show your progress and help you track the effectiveness of your marketing spend, and it’s all possible because of the HIPAA-compliant integrations we provide. We offer a Provider Report Card, an Executive Report, a Negative Word Report, a Recovery Report, a Service Summary Report, a Location Report Card, a Provider Impact Report, a Location Impact Report, and our most popular, a Marketing Report Card that will show you, among other things, your patient acquisition cost. Read about each of these reports
  • Measure your marketing spend. Tracking which patients were attracted to your practice from your GMB listing and your Boost Ads gives you the information you need to calculate your patient acquisition cost (PAC) and your return on investment (ROI). Read more about measuring your marketing spend. Knowing the impact of your marketing spend allows you to bring in the patients you want while spending as little as possible, so you can make the most of your marketing dollar. 
  • Make your life easier. Our marketing solution is an all-in-one package that empowers you to attract the patients you want with little effort from your staff. Isn’t it time to take one thing off your plate? 

Can We Integrate with Your Practice Management System?


We have several methods of integration depending on which practice management system you use: API integration, direct integration, HL7 interface, automated SFTP, secure messaging, and direct manual upload.  We provide native integration for more than 50 of the most popular practice management systems with additional HL7-based integration for most other platforms. Sometimes we are not listed as a partner on a PM site, as with Athena, but we work through a partner on their list. If you don’t see your PM system on our list, call one of our reps at 866-338-8270. We will work with you to use the method that makes the most sense for your practice.

In most instances a full integration will cost you nothing. 

Don’t do it the hard way. Set up a demo or call one of our team members at 866-338-8270 to jumpstart your reputation today. 

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