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For those who missed Ty Allen’s presentation at the Reliable IT Webinar last month, you can view it here. 

one to one healthcare marketingIn October, Ty Allen spoke at the Reliable IT Executive Healthcare Summit Webinar. His presentation, “One-to-One Marketing Finally Makes It to Healthcare,” outlines an innovative approach to healthcare marketing. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it below. 

You see personalized or one-to-one marketing every day on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms. You’ve searched for something online, and the next thing you know, you’re seeing ads for it. It’s pretty amazing and kind of scary at the same time. 

This same approach can be used in healthcare, and it’s HIPAA compliant. Our data is being collected every time we go online to search for information, make a purchase, or browse. And these data sets are being used to identify and then predict behavior patterns. 

Here’s a scenario. Let’s say Bob goes online to learn about a broken ankle vs. a sprained ankle. He goes to a couple of sites to read up on symptoms. He then goes to amazon and looks at ankle supports—he may even purchase one. He purchased some baseball cleats a couple of weeks ago. He also bought some ibuprofen. And all of this data has been collected. 

It sure seems like he may have hurt his ankle. 

Now let’s say he goes online to search for an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist. Because your practice is using predictive analytics and targeted ads, your ad comes up at the top of the list when he sees his search results. 

Personalized or one-to-one healthcare marketing is literally one doctor marketing to one patient who needs medical care. It’s pretty cool. 

Watch the full presentation: 

Bottom line, one-to-one marketing is the best use of your marketing dollar. Call us today at 866-338-8270 for a demo to see how we can help you get the patients you want.

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