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Capture the power of today’s medical consumer with your medical marketing game plan.

If you want to bring in more patients and grow your practice, sticking to medical marketing strategies that worked in the past won’t cut it in our digital world. But how do you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends and keep up with the demands of running a successful practice? 

SocialClimb understands today’s medical market, and we can help you automate your patient acquisition with little or no effort from your staff. Our platform integrates with your practice management system, using deep analytics to automatically deliver targeted reputation ads to attract the more profitable market share of patients. 

We don’t stop there, however. We understand how medical consumers make decisions, and our platform puts you in a position to be seen—and chosen—by prospective patients. Our system helps you grow the value of your practice, expand your providers and locations with confidence, and track the impact of your marketing spend. 

Navigating the Digital Market

Where do you go when you want to book a hotel, choose the best restaurant around, or find a pest control service? If you’re like most consumers, you turn to Google Search. According to a BrightLocal survey, 90% of consumers searched for local businesses on the internet last year.

Building your business today doesn’t look like it did a few years ago. With yesterday’s medical marketing, you may have relied on referrals, postcards, blogging, a fantastic website, or even a billboard. In the past, those strategies may have worked to bring in the patients you needed to grow and thrive. In today’s digital world, however, consumers are using the information at their fingertips—often on their smartphones—to take matters into their own hands.

The majority of today’s medical consumers go online to search for physicians, compare ratings, and find immediate care. They read reviews to learn what other patients have to say because they want a physician they can trust.

With all that searching going on, and in order to win with today’s medical consumer, you need to show up in Google search results.

Google’s Local Search

When you search for a practice or a physician, Google assumes you are looking locally. Google then provides results in a “local 3-pack.” They list providers who are the best local fit based on your search terms and Google’s data. In order to show up in one of these top three coveted positions, you will need to claim and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Google looks at several things in deciding which physicians or practices they will list. Here are just a few:

  • Make sure to include the location of the practice.
  • You need to have a cover photo.
  • Make sure you have a high volume of reviews. 
  • You want your review rating to be as high as possible. 
  • The category you select needs to be as specific as possible.

SocialClimb’s smart platform helps you get to the top in Google’s Local Search. Read Best Practices for Medical GMB Listings to learn more about optimizing your GMB listing. For more information on leveraging the power of GMB, read 2020’s Top Strategy for Medical Marketing: Capture the Power of Google My Business (GMB) Pages.

SocialClimb’s Model

At SocialClimb we like to think of medical marketing like climbing a mountain. To reach the top, you have three base camps you’ll work your way to on your journey. The best part of this mountain climb is that SocialClimb does the hard part for you.

Base Camp 1: Reputation Management

Johns Hopkins review increase

Johns Hopkins’ number of reviews increased dramatically with SocialClimb.

Base camp 1 is managing your reputation so you show up in Google’s Local Search results. This means you will need to (1) own and optimize your listings, (2) improve both your practice and your physician ratings, and (3) dominate Google’s Local Search results.

Optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is the first step you’ll need to take to get noticed by Google. Our customer success team can talk you through the process if you’d like to do it for yourself, or we will take care of it for you.

Our platform makes it easy to get a steady flow of positive reviews, as our system  integrates with your practice management system to send out review requests and/or survey requests to every patient you see. This all happens automatically, with surprisingly little effort from your staff.

On average, SocialClimb’s clients see about a 10% response rate on review requests and a 30% response rate on survey requests. Sending automated review requests are a great medical marketing strategy because it gives your silent majority of happy patients the opportunity to leave a positive review. Most of our clients see a 1.2 star rating increase as a result of simply using an automated system to ask for reviews. 

Once your rating and review volume is where you want it, and your GMB listing is fully optimized, you will begin to dominate Local Search results. It’s a simple idea with powerful results that we see again and again with each new SocialClimb client.

Most reputation management companies stop at base camp 1, but we take you further.

Base Camp 2: Targeted Patient Acquisition

Base camp 2 is where you leverage your positive reviews and visibility to actively pursue the patient base you want. Once you’re dominating Google’s Local Search, you’ll be positioned to use SocialClimb’s automated patient acquisition tools to (1) identify your ideal patients, (2) deliver targeted reputation ads, and (3) measure the ROI of every marketing dollar you spend.

SocialClimb’s platform thoroughly integrates with your practice management system, which means we can easily identify your ideal patients. In addition to the data from your practice management system, we have access to aggregate information on 300 million people with over 200 data points to help our system identify individuals trending toward future medical care that you provide. As a SocialClimb client, we put this information to work for you as we identify profitable patients looking for your services.

Our GO feature will suggest customized Growth Opportunities through ads targeted to these identified individuals. You can choose to enable these Growth Opportunities based on the needs of your individual physicians and practices. With a click of a button, searchers in the targeted areas will see your reputation ad sitting at the top of the Google Local 3-Pack, showing them your excellent reputation and good fit for their needs, right at their decision-making moments.

Our call tracker will then follow these potential new patients throughout their interactions with your ad and your GMB page.  When they become a client, our system shows you that as well. SocialClimb’s tracking features and reports mean you measure and see the actual return on investment for your medical marketing spend.

Base Camp 3: Practice Marketing Excellence

You arrive at base camp 3 when each of your physician and practice GMB listings is optimized for visibility, with established, excellent ratings. From here you can view the entire landscape of your organization and plan for the future. You will be well-positioned to (1) stay ahead of the competition, (2) grow your business on your own terms, (3) and fine-tune your medical marketing spend to get the exact results you want. 

At this point, every growth decision you make with SocialClimb is in the context of real data points, in real time. You’ll see the impact of your marketing dollars and make strategic decisions that will help you achieve the revenue growth you deserve. Where will you go from here? The sky’s the limit.

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