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Local Search resultsLocal search dominance on mobile devices is won or lost on your Google Business profiles. The key to winning for practices & physicians is the Triangle of Keywords configured correctly + consistent great reviews from patients. Get the keywords in these three areas working consistently and the physician’s Google Business profile, GBP (and practice GBPs) will dominate Local Search:

  1. The Google Business profile(s) for the physicians and practice
  2. The Profile page on the practice website for each physician
  3. In the Reviews left by patients about that physician or practice

Steps to Get Your Practice Setup

  1. Get a great Reputation building for your practice owned GBP pages. Have them configured correctly with your categories and keywords.
  2. Claim or create a Google Business profile (GBP) page for each physician in each unique (geographically distinct by more than 10 miles) office location where they see patients.
  3. Configure those GBP pages
    1. Upload images of the physician and office
    2. Make sure the Name, Address, Phone number and standard hours of operation are correct.
    3. Add the keywords as Categories and Additional categories. The primary category may be Orthopedic Surgeon and additional categories could be Knee Surgeon, Hand Surgeon, Total Joint Replacement, etc.
    4. Add the keywords and phrases for the physician to the Business Description section as well.
  4. Sync those pages into SocialClimb
    1. Use SocialClimb tools to manage and configure your GBP pages.
    2. Monitor and receive reports on GBP activity per location, per physician
    3. Set up the link to go to physician profile page, not the main page. Ideally, this link would carry a unique identifier so you can track website traffic generated by each GBP page.
  5. Triangle of keywords setup
    1. Google Business profile Category and keywords (Item 3 above)
    2. Website profile keywords – Get the keywords into the website profile pages for each physician and location page in the practice website.
    3. Increase the patient ratings and reviews going into the GBP pages
  6. Split patient flow – SocialClimb will split invitation review flow between physician GBP page(s) and the practice page(s)
  7. Add Posts to the GBP pages that provide more interesting content and options
    1. Video of the physician
    2. Self-serve appointment scheduling
    3. Other marketing efforts that provide more insight into the physician or practice

Local Search Dominance is only a few easy steps away from where you are now. It’s time to get started.