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At 1:00 a.m. on a recent Saturday, my teen son and friends left home to hike to the summit of a nearby mountain before sunrise. They made it!

mountain peak view at sunrise
Teen’s iPhone 6 view at dawn from Mt Timpanogos, elevation 11,752′. Average hike time 10 hours with 4900′ elevation gain.

Here at SocialClimb, we compare medical marketing success with climbing a mountain. It may seem daunting but if you know what to do, you get there before you know it.

For my son, reaching the peak was a significant moment. After a series of leg surgeries, he had not been on a hike for years. But his friends were going and he wanted to be a part of it. 

The night before, we dug out and filled the CamelBak bladder, checked batteries in the headlamp, found a backpack. My son had met his friends to buy snacks, and he packed so much jerky, almonds, and extra bottles of water that he could hardly lift his pack.

I thought he had packed too much and should lighten his load.

“But I want to be prepared!” he worried. “I don’t want to be thirsty. I have never done this before.” 

I called his college-aged brother, an experienced canyoneer and guide. He immediately FaceTimed his younger brother. He talked him through what gear he would really need, and what he could discard to reach the top.

This man knows his gear. I’m convinced that his encouragement and advice helped his younger brother reach the summit.

canyoneering guide 150 foot drop

70′ drop in Birch Hollow, Zion National Park

With SocialClimb’s automated medical marketing as a guide, you can reach your goals. We know success comes as you use the tools you need and stop carrying stuff that only weighs you down.

Proven guidance in medical marketing strategy

Here’s advice from experienced guides on how to reach the peak you have in sight–whether of a local mountain, or for medical practice strategy and growth.

Experienced Climbing Guide: “Dude! You are hiking for sunrise?! Awesome!”

SocialClimb Automated Patient Acquisition: You deserve to shine. Our tools build your reputation and broadcast it to prospective clients.

“Whose idea? Your friends? Going with the guys, right?”

To reach today’s potential clients, you pay attention to today’s connected online world.

“You need something warm. It will be cold at night on the mountain. That puffy down jacket? Take that! You can scrunch it up when the sun comes out.”

We know what you need, and we make it simple for you. Our substantial software system keeps you covered. Our smart automation integrates seamlessly with your practice management system to lighten your workload and save time and frustration.

“That’s way too much food for your pack. Leave most of those almonds at home.”

For a successful medical marketing strategy, you really don’t need to pour your money and time into billboards, flyers, or ever-more elaborate websites. That just saps your energy.


Will Google search engines find you?

“Take the snacks out of their bags and cans. Put them into those zip bags. See how much easier that is to pack? See how much easier you can get at things?”

What you really need is to package things for Google. Every doctor needs a Google My Business page (GMB page). SocialClimb’s system helps you set up and manage GMB pages easilyto package yourself so the Google search engines find you when people search for medical services online, further strengthening your medical marketing strategy.

“Yeah. You really don’t need all that extra water in your pack.  Take the water bottles out, drink some in the car right before you start the hike. Then, for me, a CamelBak is really enough.  I’ve done hours in the sun, and that will be enough.”

To build your reputation, there’s no need for tricks, prizes, cards, or other gizmos. Just drink from the well of what is already there: the satisfied opinions of most of your patients. SocialClimb’s automated review system sends invitations to all your clients, and it’s so easy that a large percentage of people create reviews. Your online reputation quickly climbs as you tap into this large source.

slot canyon

SocialClimb’s system helps you negotiate through tough spots.

“That entire roll of toilet paper? Yeah. You never know. Just wrap some around your hand right now, put it in the bag, that’s enough.”

Negative reviews happen. SocialClimb’s system watches out for these so you can find solutions for unhappy patients. Our dashboard and library of HIPAA-compliant responses make it easy for you or staff members to respond professionally and track negative feedback until resolved.

“The energy drinks–what stuff is in them? OK, use them when you need them. Maybe drink some right before you start, especially if you are sleepy. Take another one to celebrate at the top, or if you need a boost.”

SocialClimb’s cutting-edge features really do give you a boost. Our system uses predictive analytics to scan nearby markets for your most profitable patient mix, sending targeted Google ads to these potential patients right at the moments these individuals are searching for medical services you offer. Our Boost feature gives new physicians and locations a quick leap in establishing a profitable patient base and allows established providers to quickly increase their growth toward specific goals anytime, as desired.

view of city lights from mountain

SocialClimb keeps an eye on the data at all times.

 My teen son went to bed early. Later, my older son called after texting me a photo of the weather forecast. “Mom, be sure he has a light hat and gloves.”

It’s important for your medical marketing strategy to watch the data to optimize your success–and to have a guide who knows what data to watch even when you aren’t watching yourself. SocialClimb partners with “Big Data” providers in HIPAA-compliant ways, to evaluate current data about real people in real time, and to accurately predict where, when, and even who your preferred patients are, so our system can place the automated ads.

river through slot canyon

See where you’ve been to plan where you’re going.

Two days later, these sons talked over dinner.  “So how was it?” asked the older brother. “Did you eat all those snacks?”

It’s important to report, evaluate, and plan the next thing. Can you describe your ROI with accuracy? SocialClimb’s rich reporting features and smart data tracking show your real return on your healthcare marketing dollars. You can easily see the real returns–in reputation growth, fuller schedules, preferred patient mix, and dollar-based financial returns–all so you can plan to meet your next goals.

Easy Healthcare Marketing

So, back to the real teen’s real return from the mountain. When he arrived home all dusty in the afternoon, all he wanted was a shower, a nap, and a scan of what we had stocked in the fridge.

After his nap, I celebrated his success. “That’s so great,” I said. “And your brother had such good advice. Now you know what to do next time!”


river through slot canyon

Trust that you can meet your goals.

It’s not so hard for medical marketers who use SocialClimb’s tools. We automate everything and are with our clients every step of the way. Our clients don’t have to wash out their shoes and they just nap because they want to. They can eat leftover pizza from the fridge (or organic whole-milk yogurt) any time.

SocialClimb’s thorough healthcare marketing solution makes it easy to achieve one goal, and then use our automated tools to reach another.

My son? I know he will summit plenty of peaks. There’s so much to explore, and he is already climbing so many symbolic mountains.

lovely mountain viewReaching the peak might seem or actually be impossible if you get discouraged before you start, or if you focus on things that don’t help you.

But when you get advice from an experienced guide, you can take what you need, leave the rest behind, and head for the summit. Remember that listening to your friends (or for doctors, listening to feedback from patients) encourages and challenges you to keep rising. Pretty soon there you are–past the cold saddle, up the final rocky scramble, and at the summit looking out at the valley below.

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