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Boost Ads will give your automated patient acquisition a needed kick with a better mix of patients. 

Medical consumers often turn to online search to find care, and usually, that search is done on Google. They aren’t alone. Over one billion Google searches take place every month, capturing 92% of all online search activity. And when those search results come up, enabling Boost Ads will make sure your practice or your physician shows up at the top of the list.

Our Boost Ads harness the power of Google Search to target specific high-value patients. We want to make sure you grow your practice in the best way possible, and targeted advertising is the secret sauce that will make that happen. 

What Are Boost Ads?

Boost Ads are reputation ads that use predictive analytics and big data to identify and target patients that will improve your patient mix and get your physicians seeing the patients they want to see. The targeted advertising leverages your excellent reputation, allowing you to be seen online by high-risk patients right at their crucial decision-making moments. 

Predictive Analytics

We have leveled the playing field for you by making the same big data that is available to large hospital systems available to you. With access to over 200 data points on 250 million people in the U.S., our artificial intelligence (AI) can predict—with surprising accuracy—who needs the care you provide. Learn where the data comes from.

predictive analyticsOur predictive analytics tool will show you zip codes in your area with high concentrations of people at risk for hundreds of specific health concerns such as joint pain or gastrointestinal scope. Financial information, commercial insurance, self-reported conditions and other demographics are also taken into account in finding the most profitable patients. 

You set up your geo target for the ads by selecting zip code areas with high densities of your ideal patients, as shown in the map. Your ad will be seen by high-risk patients as they search for care online, and attracting these ideal patients will help you increase your revenue, profit margins, and overall profitability. 

Targeted Ads

reputation ad

Once you have chosen your geo target, it’s time to set up your ad, which is as simple as choosing the right “Playbook” for your practice. Our Playbooks contain appropriate keywords, negative keywords, ad copy, and ad structure to target your ideal patients. 

Your Boost Ads are built according to the Playbook you choose to highlight your reputation, and they include keywords your ideal patients are searching for. The ads show up at the top of Google Local Search results in the zip code areas identified by our predictive analytics to have high concentrations of high-risk patients. Your ideal patients will see your ad when they search for medical care. 

Publicizing your reputation will Boost your ability to bring in those patients that best fit your practice model so you can capture the more profitable market share and increase your profit margin. The ads run automatically according to a monthly budget you set. 

How Do They Help? 

When you own and optimize your GMB listing and build your reputation, you are well positioned to dominate local search results and attract new patients. Medical consumers will search for care, and as they do, your GMB listing will begin to show up in Google’s Local 3-Pack. You will bring in new patients who have seen your GMB listing, read through your reviews, and feel confident that you can provide the care they need. 

You COULD stop there. Or you could take it to the next level. Why stop with a BMW when you hold the keys to a Tesla? 

Our Boost Ads are beneficial to you in four ways:

  1. Bring in even more patients. This is a great way to grow and expand your practice. Your ads will appear at the top of search results, even before the top three GMB listings. The more visibility you have, the better you can leverage your great reputation. And since the ads are packed with keywords and high-volume search terms, your listing will be seen with greater frequency. The targeted ads will attract patients in addition to those you’re already bringing in from managing your reputation.
  2. Build your practice more quickly. If you’ve started up a new location, or if you’ve brought in a new physician, the faster you can get to budget neutral, the better. Using a two-pronged approach to attract patients, especially when you can turn it up or down as needed, will get you there before you thought possible. 
  3. Attract the right patients. The big data and AI we use to find your ideal patients give you the power to choose the patients you want to see. Want to see more knee replacements? No problem. Patients who have a history of actually paying their bills? We can do that. Imagine filling your schedule with the patient mix you dream of. Our predictive analytics can make that a reality. 
  4. Achieve absolute control of your playing field. You decide how much you want to spend on your ads, so you can set your budget and forget it. If you’re getting too much of a good thing, no problem, just dial it back a bit. If you like the patients you’re bringing in and want to see more, simply turn up your spend. If you’ve had your fill of knee replacements and would like to see some ACL repair, we can adjust your ads. 

Proven Results

Results are in, our Boost Ads are a great success. How about a few numbers and situations to illustrate their value? 

Bluegrass Orthopaedics

Bluegrass started sending out Boost Ads in January 2020. You can read their story in this case study, but here’s a rundown of their numbers from January through March: 

  • 49% more calls than from their reputation alone (GMB listing)
  • 35% conversion rate on calls from their Boost Ads
  • 52 appointments made from Boost Ads, 26 from GMB listings
  • $41,600 estimated revenue (based on $800 per patient) 

“This is the best marketing dollar I’ve spent. Hands down.”

Andrew Carlson, Bluegrass Director of Sports Medicine

Desert Orthopaedics Center

DOC first tried Boost Ads on two of their physicians. 

Dr. Hanson wanted to see more ACL repairs. He was steadily moving toward his goal. When he started up with Boost Ads, he saw an immediate spike in his ACL repair patients. 

DOC hired a physician who was just starting out who wanted to specialize in joint replacement. With Boost Ads in place, he was able to reach a high percentage of joint replacement surgeries in just under a year. Historically, their doctors have taken two to three to five years to reach their desired specialty. 

Medical consumers turn to online search to find a doctor they can trust. Building your online presence and your reputation are essential if you want to compete in today’s market. Boost Ads will take it to the next level so you can attract your ideal patients with ease, and get back to focusing on what you do best. 

If you have any questions about our Boost Ads or if you would like to get started, please reach out to your customer service representative. If you’d like to get started with SocialClimb, give us a call at 866-338-8270.

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