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Listen in as Ty Allen shares the incredible story behind how SocialClimb got started. 

When Tony Shap interviewed Ty Allen for his podcast, he dug deep into the why behind Ty’s motivation to start SocialClimb. Ty’s story centers on a severe injury that drove him to improve the way healthcare professionals tell their story. 

Ty suffered a serious C3 spinal injury while playing basketball that had the potential to leave him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Immediately following the accident, he and his wife needed to make 10 to 12 key medical decisions in a short amount of time regarding who to go to for his medical care. Unfortunately, the data he needed to make informed decisions was not available to him. Something needed to change.

After his year-long recovery, Ty started SocialClimb to help medical practices and healthcare professionals tell their story in the way that modern medical consumers access the data. He and his team developed a platform that will integrate with a practice management system and do the work to improve online reputations. 

In the podcast, Ty breaks down the process into three key steps: 

  1. Build your reputation
  2. Find the right patients
  3. Deliver ads directly to those patients

Listen to the full Tony Shap podcast.

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