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Stop doing these 6 marketing tasks and improve your medical office efficiency—which means time and money saved. 

Your medical office runs like a well oiled machine, right? You’re just that good. Even so, you may be running around playing catch-up all day long. You simply have more tasks to do than time to do them. Whatever your situation, if you stop doing these six marketing tasks, you’ll save time and your medical office will be more efficient. 

I mean, who couldn’t use a little extra time to just breathe a little? Your job is stressful enough with the year we’ve just had. Let us help you check the boxes on these six tasks so you can love your job again. 

1. Stop asking for reviews and surveys individually. 

automatic review request

The days when you had to ask each of your patients individually if they would like to leave a review or fill out a survey are gone. You can find many platforms out there that will do it for you automatically. We think ours is the best (because it is), but you have a lot of options available to you. 

Here’s how it works with SocialClimb: Our platform integrates with your practice management system. (I know what you’re thinking. No worries, our integration is completely HIPAA compliant.) That way our automated system can send out text or email requests to your patients within 24 hours of care. And that’s one thing off your plate. 

The patient receives a personalized request from their doctor, asking if they would leave a review (or survey if you prefer). They get a link that will take them where they need to go and make it extremely simple for them. (Don’t worry, they won’t receive a request if they have already received one recently.)

Asking in this way gives voice to your silent majority of happy patients. We’ve found that around 10% of patients respond to review requests, on average. That means your reviews will begin to grow in number. Your online star rating will improve as well. We’ve seen that most practices and doctors experience a 1.2 star rating improvement as a result of simply sending out review requests. 

2. Stop managing your GMB listings one at a time. 

Google My Business

As a medical practice, you probably have a Google My Business (GMB) listing for your practice and each of your doctors. That can really add up. Especially if you run multiple medical offices and support dozens of doctors. 

The traditional way to manage your listings is to go to each one and keep it current with updated information, Google Posts, and services. But with all those listings, that’s all you would be doing all day, every day. If you’re managing it that way, you’re probably lucky just to have the right doctors paired with the right listing. 

There’s a better way. 

With the SocialClimb platform, you can manage all of your listings from a single location. You read that right. You can update your information, change your hours, add posts, and update photos from within the platform. Just imagine all the hassle you’ll save. Is your plate feeling lighter yet? 

3. Stop responding to feedback on separate platforms. 

person leaving a review

Reading and responding to the reviews you receive keeps your patients feeling connected and appreciated. And those reviews will come in on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs and more. No way do you have time in your schedule to go to each of those platforms and respond to patient feedback for your practice. Let alone for each of your doctors. 

Instead, you can log in to our platform and see all of your reviews or surveys in one place. You can respond to them there as well, and we even have a library of HIPAA-compliant responses you can use. Our platform makes it easy to set up notifications so you’ll know right away if you get a negative review. That way you can handle it in a timely manner before any issues escalate. 

Making review responses easier to manage takes a load off your mind and makes the process doable. 

4. Stop setting up ads on your own. 

targeted Google ad

Google, Facebook, and Instagram have made it pretty easy to set up their ads. It’s a bit tedious to go in and do it on all the different platforms though. 

The SocialClimb platform lets you go in and set up Google ads using our Playbooks feature. That way you know the ads are set up with the right keywords and negative keywords to get great results. What’s more, with our predictive analytics, you can send those ads to specific high-value patients in search of the care you provide. 

Instagram and Facebook ads are scheduled to be added to our platform in the first quarter of 2021. So you’ll be able to go in and set up ads across all three social platforms from a single location. 

Say goodbye to setting up your own ads. (Did I just hear a sigh of relief?)

5. Stop trying to figure out how to measure results. 

healthcare marketing ROIHistorically, it’s been difficult to measure the results of healthcare marketing efforts. How do you know for sure how a patient was attracted to your practice? Did they hear about you from a friend? Did they search the internet to find you? Unless you ask each patient, you won’t know where they came from. And forget about calculating the cost that went into attracting them to your practice. 

We got this. 

Our platform tracks your patient acquisition, so you know exactly which patients—by name—set up an appointment from your GMB listing or from your targeted ads. And since we also know exactly how much you spent on those efforts, you have all the numbers you need to know your patient acquisition cost (PAC) and return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend. 

This is golden. You can fine-tune your spending to get exactly the results you want. 

6. Stop creating all your reports on your own. 

medical office report

Do you love setting up reports to show your execs and your physicians? Yeah, I bet you do. 

We have amazing reports that show all the benefits of your efforts. No need to scramble around gathering data; we’ve got it covered with our monthly reports. I’ll run down our top three. You can see what all our reports look like here

  • The Marketing Report Card shows a performance summary of clicks and calls from your GMB listings and targeted ads. You’ll also see your spend, your revenue, and your PAC. 
  • The Provider Report Card lets each physician see how many reviews they have on the various social platforms, what their rating is, and the actual reviews. 
  • The Executive Report provides a summary of all your GMB listings on a single report, the current overall public star rating, the total number of reviews, and top performers. 

Let go of the stress of gathering marketing data to create reports that prove your worth and let your docs know how they are doing. We’ve got you covered. 

If you and your medical office staff are still doing these six marketing tasks on your own, please, let us help. You’ll be amazed by the time you save, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in your patient acquisition. Call our team today at 866-338-8270 to set up a demo. We can help you improve your efficiency, grow your practice, and achieve a work-life balance so you love your job again! 

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