Case Study

How to transform your patients’ satisfaction into a wealth of positive online reviews.


OrthoCarolina’s social media reviews did not match the quality of care they deliver and real-world reputation they had earned. Known for a high standard of care and great patient experiences, OC needed to embrace the social media reviews world.




Reputation Management

In May of 2017, the social reviews reputation for each of the 40+ OC locations was far below what the management team knew it should be. Each office needed to compete well locally and social reviews is an important part of the local search puzzle. On a national level, OrthoCarolina ranked relatively low as compared to other members of the OrthoForum. While it is challenging for large practices to compete locally, the 3.3 stars and less than 20 reviews on average per location was unacceptable.


OrthoCarolina was introduced to SocialClimb through the OrthoForum and became interested after hearing the results SocialClimb had achieved for other orthopedic practices looking to improve their social reviews and build their online presence. SocialClimb’s features covered all of the issues identified by the OrthoCarolina team:

  • Increased the quantity and quality of the social reviews coming from happy, satisfied patients.
  • Improved their Google local search rankings.Immediate patient feedback to the operations team and simple response tools
  • Rating and ranking of physicians by patient satisfaction
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Completely automated service requiring no daily effort to initiate.
  • HIPAA compliant and secure
  • Full reporting tools to enable measurable practice improvement models


SocialClimb engineered a huge win for OrthoCarolina.


First, SocialClimb integrated an automated feedback program with OrthoCarolina’s EHR system. The program prompts individual patients for feedback at the correct point in the care cycle with no effort from OrthoCarolina’s staff.

Second, SocialClimb enabled automatic monitoring and notification for good and poor reviews. This was accomplished via SocialClimb’s real-time integration through the review platform’s APIs. Notifications are sent to the correct location management team members via email and text. These reporting tools deliver instant notifications, daily and weekly digests, and monthly location and provider report cards that make patient feedback accessible to the entire OC team. With hundreds of reviews coming in every day, automated distribution of this data was key.

Finally, SocialClimb enabled OC with tools that manage and enable patient communication for service recovery and responses. Learning of and responding to patient-reported issues became automated and simple.


In less than six months, SocialClimb has helped OrthoCarolina get its social reviews reputation to match the high quality of care it has always delivered. As of November 2017, OrthoCarolina’s social review reputation had improved so much that it is now ranked in the top 10 of the OrthoForum members. This transformation is amazing, especially for a practice with more than 40 locations and nearly 180 doctors.

SocialClimb is helping OrthoCarolina truly transform each physician reputation and each location reputation:

  • Average location/practice rating of 4.7 stars up from less than 3.3
  • Average of 100+ reviews per location up from fewer than 20
  • Local search dominance for OrthoCarolina in every location where the group has an office.
  • Great personal reputations being built at Healthgrades for each of the doctors and many of the mid-level providers.


Within just a few months, OrthoCarolina started seeing dramatic results. As the reviews started pouring in, they were thrilled to see the average star rating improve, receive valuable and actionable patient feedback, and gain control of their practice reputation.

In addition to the increase in quantity and quality of reviews, OrthoCarolina is benefiting from significant improvements in their search rankings with Google at each of their locations. Rankings and search results have also improved on Facebook and Healthgrades.

“SocialClimb’s ability to solve these social review challenges for a practice as large and complex as OrthoCarolina has been refreshing,” said Blair Primus, CMO at OrthoCarolina. He went on to say, “As a marketer, you rarely find vendors or solutions that really deliver more than what they promise, but SocialClimb has done just that. At a reasonable price point, and with very little effort from our staff, they have truly helped us transform our social media reputation."

Average rating climbed from 3.3 to 4.7 stars

Average reviews per location rose from 20 to 100+

Local search engine dominance for every office location

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