Newsletter August 2019

Announcing the New SocialClimb Professional Suite!
SocialClimb is excited to announce the official release of our new SocialClimb Professional Suite
a whole new range of features that are now available to our customers. This innovative set of automated marketing tools is something we’ve been working towards for awhile now and we are excited for the competitive edge that this new suite will provide SocialClimb customers over their competitors.
The new SocialClimb Patient Analytics feature
What does this mean for you?
Concerning the release of the Pro features, SocialClimb CEO Ty Allen states, “SocialClimb now provides the unique combination of the best reputation management tools, automated targeted ad delivery, and the ability to truly measure your marketing spend and the patients it drives to your practice.” Our goal is to save your practice time and money in your marketing efforts, while significantly increasing your ROI.

Boost Ads:
With our new Boost feature, you can create and track targeted ad campaigns that leverage your stellar reputation to attract patients from the profitable market share. Use the Marketing Report Card to see exactly how many patients an ad is bringing in and who those patients are. If it sounds too good to be true—before today, it was! SocialClimb is the only service delivering this automated technology.
Why your practice wants SocialClimb Pro:
The new SocialClimb Pro features can help you take the next step in utilizing your reputation to bring revenue and patients into your practice. You’ve seen what we can do for your reputation—now we want to help you broadcast it—and not just to everyone, but specifically to the profitable market share, attracting more of your best potential patients to your practice and doctors.
Results of the new SocialClimb Call Tracker
The new SocialClimb Pro features include:
Patient Analytics –
Evaluates data from your existing patients and other local demographic and medical claim data to identify where marketing activities will attract the profitable market share.
Boost –
Delivers automated ads that target the profitable market share identified through Patient Analytics.
Call Tracker –
Automatically configures a unique phone number and click tracking for each listing. As potential patients click or call into the practice, Call Tracker enables you to identify those that eventually become patients and where online they found your practice.
Marketing Report Card –
Provides detailed analytics about the Return On Investment for your digital marketing spend
The Marketing Report Card shows both ROI from SocialClimb Fundamentals (Organic reputation building) and ROI from SocialClimb Pro (Boost targeted ads).  Clients will see the number of people who take action from their ad by looking, by clicking, by calling, or by getting directions. See an example below.
SocialClimb’s Marketing Report Card in action
Stay tuned
Over the next few months we are going to be showcasing each one of these new features and highlighting some of our customers who are using them. So stay tuned!
If these features pique your interest and you just can’t wait to get started, or if you just want to learn more about them, contact your customer success manager or email [email protected] to set up a demo for your practice.
Dr. Mitch is the best ENT – Check it out!
Events Attended this Month
Asheville OrthoForum Event August 1-3

SocialClimb was lucky enough to sponsor the formal dinner at the Asheville OrthoForum Regional Meeting this last month.
The setting and food at this year’s event were spectacular.
Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. We love working with the OrthoForum and its members.
With nearly 50% of the OrthoForum being SocialClimb users, we were excited to officially announce the new SocialClimb Pro Features at the dinner. We’re looking forward to seeing the great results for our OrthoForum customers as they begin to reap the benefits from our new offerings.
Upcoming Events

The 2019 Western OrthoForum Regional Meeting August 22-24
Hosted in Laguna Niguel, CA at the Ritz-Carlton.
901 Mopac Expressway South
Building 1, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78746

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