Newsletter January 2021

Do you know about this SocialClimb feature?
SocialClimb Scorecard
Have you looked at your SocialClimb Scorecard recently? If you haven’t, you should. The scorecard is a quick-reference measure of how well your GMB listing is optimized that covers the basics of what should be included.
The most important factor in improving your local search ranking is your GMB listing, according to a 2020 survey of SEO experts. And showing up in local search is essential if you want to attract new patients. That means it’s worth your time to get as many of those boxes checked as possible.
If you’re hitting 10/10 on all your listings, congratulations! You get to sit back, enjoy the results, and focus your attention on other areas. If not, you can probably get there without too much effort. Read through some tips on each of the 10 points in this article.
How Do You Look Online?
It’s important to your business to understand how your patients see you online. Your GMB listing is one aspect of your online presence, but you also need to take stock of your reviews. You need to understand what your patients are saying about you and make sure your online presence is an accurate representation of who you are.Read more.

Tony Shap Interviews Ty Allen


Listen to Tony Shap’s podcast interview with our CEO, Ty Allen, and learn the amazing story behind why Ty was driven to start SocialClimb. It all started with a severe basketball injury that left Ty unable to move from the shoulders down.

Listen to the podcast.

SocialClimb Raises $12 Million
Mark Tullis of TechBuzz interviewed Ty Allen recently about the series A funding SocialClimb received from Resolve Growth Partners. Read the full article to learn how the funding will help SocialClimb continue investing in disruptive technologies.Read the full article.
“[M]edical groups willing to improve their reputation and promote themselves via ads will get great results because most practices simply don’t take those basic steps.”
Our social media guru, Ashleigh, has started up a series of Instagram posts called TopDocs. She will be highlighting one or two doctors a month who are doing an excellent job of using SocialClimb to improve their online reputation and attract new patients. Check out spotlighted docs on Instagram at #SocialClimbTopDocs.

Steve Nishiyama, DO, PhD, Desert Orthopaedic Center

Dr. Nishiyama has received over 264 reviews since he started using SocialClimb, boosting his rating to 4.85 stars. His great reputation has brought in 100 new patients to date. He also uses our Boost Ads feature, attracting an additional 50 patients from the targeted ads.

Meet Our New Team Members

Ben Woolley,
Product DirectorBen brings his background in search and social marketing to help our customers get in front of more potential patients. Ben started an agency specializing in search and social marketing, both paid and organic. He has also worked in-house and brings 15 years of marketing experience to the team. He is excited to begin working with our customers to help them improve their online visibility.

We’re excited to have Ben as a resource for our clients!
Eric Anderson,
Implementation Manager

After graduating from BYU with a degree in film and television, Eric worked in the entertainment industry, working for companies like Disney, Marvel, and Warner Brothers. For the last seven years, Eric has worked in software, where his passion lies with implementation and new accounts. In his spare time, he can be found running, cycling, golfing, or playing intense strategy board games.

Welcome aboard Eric!

According to Dr. Mitch, he’s the best reviewed dentist on the terra firma. Take a couple of minutes to laugh at Dr. Mitch and learn more about SocialClimb in the process!
Upcoming Events
AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, February 17 – 18Virtual Event

Join SocialClimb’s M’Kay McGrath at the pre-conference networking event on Friday, Feb. 12, from 3:00 – 4:00 CT for a virtual table discussion: Own Your Own Narrative.

AOC Annual Meeting, April 27 – 29Austin, Texas

We’re excited to get back to seeing you in person as conference events go live throughout the year. See you in Texas!


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