Release Notes

See the latest updates to the SocialClimb platform! We’re continually updating our platform to stay ahead of the curve and make important improvements. Check back here for our updates and to keep up with our latest innovations.

Release Notes

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Improvements 4/11/23

Call Tracking has undergone significant enhancements to provide customers with deeper insights into their call performance. Additional filters on the Call Report enable more detailed analysis based on channels, sources, and campaigns, which allows SocialClimb customers to further refine their marketing efforts. Predictive Patient Targeting introduces versatility with the addition of 6x9 postcards and a template option for custom design. Helper templates guide users during image uploads, ensuring adherence to size requirements. These updates provide…
April 11, 2023

Improvements 3/21/23

This release focuses on Predictive Audiences and Postcards and their ability to amplify healthcare organizations' patient outreach. We’ve introduced a subscription system with credits that can be used for each of these predictive marketing touches. Call tracking numbers are also now generated for each postcard campaign, which elevates the precision and performance measurement tracking SocialClimb customers have access to. Enabling customers to take actions within our application helps us ensure that we’re getting all the…
March 21, 2023

Improvements 3/1/23

The SocialClimb application now features a detailed walkthrough of the postcard creation process, making it easy and intuitive for users to bring their campaign ideas to life and get the right messaging in front of the right people. The update also streamlines postcard campaign management, providing a comprehensive overview of campaigns and their progress so that customers can determine campaign effectiveness and know how to adjust their future marketing efforts accordingly. In an effort to…
March 1, 2023

Improvements 2/7/23

SocialClimb now offers the capability to send postcards to predictive patient audiences, providing a powerful tool for customers to connect with their ideal patients in a more direct way. Users are guided through the essential steps of the campaign creation process, making it easy to quickly get their campaigns up and running. SocialClimb also handles the printing, mailing, and tracking of postcard campaigns so that customers can consolidate their direct mail campaigns into a single…
February 7, 2023

Improvements 1/19/23

Recent updates to our digital ad tool streamline the implementation process, enhancing user experience and ensuring a smooth journey with ad campaign creation. We’ve also simplified the steps for connecting Google Business Profiles and verifying websites, providing an easier setup experience. These updates mean that users can take more of these actions from within the SocialClimb application instead of having to navigate to other sites. The application's management features have been refined, addressing profile verification…
January 19, 2023