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As you seek to improve your reviews it may be tempting to do some crazy things to improve your review volume and ratings. Here is a list of 5 things you should not do!

Don’t Consider:

  • Writing fake reviews for your own business.
  • Paying a third party to post fake reviews, posing as a customer.
  • Using review stations in your place of business. Customers must leave their own reviews using their own accounts.
  • Paying a third party to post any review on behalf of anyone else.
  • Getting too many reviews at once. They may trip filters at the review sites that will cause the reviews to be deleted.

Do Consider:

  • Linking to your review profiles from your website.
  • Training staff with direct contact with customers to request a review from them upon completion of service.
  • Use a service like SocialClimb to invite customers to easily leave reviews from their smartphones.
  • Requesting reviews during an after-service follow-up phone call.
  • Letting your customers review your business at their review site of choice. Review diversity is good for both customers and search engines.