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Today’s Business Wire press release announces SocialClimb Boost, for targeted patient acquisition.boost arrow

Today, we are excited to announce our new, patent-pending, SocialClimb Boost feature set in Business Wire. Since we started SocialClimb in 2016, we’ve made it our mission to help practices at all levels of marketing experience to compete and win in their local markets. Our groundbreaking reputation marketing software has helped thousands of physicians significantly raise their online reputations and rank high in Internet search results to attract more customers and increase revenue.

With SocialClimb Boost, we take affordable, automated marketing to the next level with targeted patient acquisition.  Any size of practice can now define, find, and attract their most preferred patients, right at decision-making moments. Practices can not only increase patient volume, but can also adapt patient flow with real-time, software-managed decision making, to fill practice and surgery schedules exactly as desired.

Our entire company has focused for months to develop and refine this system. Testing the system with established customers, we’ve already seen seen impressive results. We combine advanced machine learning with practice-specific data analytics in this unbeatable marketing systemstill automated, still easy to use, and still affordable for any practice.

We are excited to further help our customers leverage their quality patient care to build their reputation and visibility online, and to gain market share in today’s ever-more-competitive environment.

At this week’s annual AAOE conference (American Association of Orthopaedic Executives), SocialClimb CEO Ty Allen will go deeper into specific benefits practices can see using SocialClimb Boost. In line with the conference, watch our blog over the next week for more details on what SocialClimb Boost can do for you, and for guidance on howwith very little effortyou can use SocialClimb Boost to make a big difference for your practice.

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