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See our article in today’s AAOE newsletter (30 April 2019) to understandAAOE logo how affordable, easy-to-use software can help you market your practice to today’s internet-savvy consumers. “Today’s Standards for Practice Growth: Use Smart Software to Boost Reputation and Visibility Online” explains foundational concepts for practice managers who want to understand today’s marketing landscape to increase practice volume and revenue.

We invite you to see today’s AAOE newsletter (American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives), and read our article, “Today’s Standards for Practice Growth: Use Smart Software to Boost Reputation and Visibility Online.”

Supporting our mission to bring smart, automated marketing to all sizes of medical practices, we value educating practice managers and others who want to reach more customers in today’s competitive markets.

This article explains how today’s patients find and choose physicians online. It explains how consumers want to make decisions “right here, right now,” and how Internet search engines choose what practices to list in search results.

Our article also explains the ideas of reputation management and reputation marketing, then offers guidelines for practice managers who want to evaluate reputation marketing software to grow their practice.

Of course, we hope you will eventually choose SocialClimb’s intelligent and well-proven tools for your practice. Meanwhile, no matter what decisions you are currently making for your practice, this foundational background will help you to keep your practice competitive in today’s market.

Explore our website to learn more about how SocialClimb’s suite has helped thousands of physicians to improve their reputations, to raise online visibility to attract more patients, and to increase practice revenue, all while simplifying the entire process for office staff. Our newest Boost features even target preferred high-value patients to meet detailed goals for practice growth.

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